April 25, 2009, 5:00 am

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zombieAnother Saturday, another MBA weekend! This was the worst idea ever: doing 2 MBA weekends in a row! I feel like a zombie this morning. Thx to that 20 liters Starbucks coffee I just bought, the “zombie feeling” will go away faster 😉

I seem to not be able to lose any weight! I’m at 203lbs this morning… The good news is that I didn’t stop working out (5 days a week, 40 minutes per day)… I feel like I’m burning fat but I can’t prove it 😉 This is a bad feeling! However, I feel better inside; I guess this is what is important after all.

So enjoy your weekend while I’m in class 😉

The fear is back on banks says Buy My Stock Picks.

Intelligent Speculator is taking profit from his S&P500 trade.

ABCs of Investing explains what an investment policy statement is (aka the way we lost money with your investments…LOL!).

Interesting story about Post-Claims underwriting from Four-Pillars (just before I post my credit insurance article ;-0, great timing!).

Find ways to buy cheap timeshares at Canadian Finance Blog.

What is a 529? Find out at The Simple Dollar.

Learn how to avoid bankruptcy with The Digerati Life.

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What to consider with health insurance by Studenomics.

Sick of losing money on your investments? Try the faith-base investing way at Where Does All My Money Go. God knows where to invest….

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Hey man a word of advice, don’t look at the scale. I stopped using a scale about a year ago. I go by how I feel not how much I weigh. Thanks for the mention!

Thanks for the link – the hard work will pay off in spades, just keep on truckin’! 🙂

Thanks for the mention!

Don’t worry about weight, it’s just a number… you could be gaining muscle at the same time you’re burning fat. I think I heard muscle weighs 3 times as much as fat, though I’m no expert!