April 18, 2009, 7:20 am

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by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Financial Rambling
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img00021The Hockey Playoff started last Thursday and our Montreal Canadiens played a great game… but this just wasn’t enough so we lost the first game against the Bruins. You shouldn’t be worry about my hockey update this year. While I am a big CH fan, I am lucid as well. I expected the Bruins to win this series in 5 games… oh well.. that will make more time to play golf and lose weight!

Speaking of which, I played my first game last Monday. Since my brother-in-law is playing 75 on a bad day, this was a perfect opportunity to learn from him. I played 108 in shitty conditions (heavy wind, scraped green and wet grass). Overall, I’m very satisfied! Unfortunately, golfing and running was not enough to make me lose weight as I am still stuck at 200 lbs. I’m a bit disappointed since I started 3 weeks ago and I am still at the same point. However, I got stronger and I can see a slight chance on my upper body. I guess and I am gaining muscles at the same rate I am burning fat (muscles weight more than fat) so this is why I am stable even though I go to the gym 5 days a weeks (and still running!).

I’m doing a bank simulation for my MBA this week, I wonder how this will go :-D. I plan on buying all my other competitors and rule the world. The Financial Blogger Bank is arising mwhahahaha! My teamates actually agreed to call it TFB Bank 😉

Ok… I’m going crazy… But I’m not the only one! There is a guy who made a nice TFB graffiti downtown Montreal (picture above)… TFB is getting everywhere ;-D

here’s a few good read for the weekend:

Buy My Stock Picks found a great (and FREE!) tool to help us trading stock.

Intelligent Speculator is looking to invest in a Pirate Ship (My son would be happy to do so!).

The Credit Toolbox suggests keeping a second credit card in case of emergency.

Where Does My Money Go explains the importance of low turnover in your portfolio (FEES my friend!)

Thicken My Wallet talks about banks 1st quarter result. They are finally making money! Whoohooo!

Canadian Dream says what you should do at parties

1- drink

2- jump on a table

3- start your speech

4- run before the security guards caught you!

You can learn more about The Great Depression at weakonomics.

The important is trying says The Simple Dollar.

The Digerati Life tells us what she learned about blogging (yes, you can make money out of it!)

RESP contribution and other family related questions answered by Four Pillars.

Is it time to switch to a fixed term mortgage? Asks Million Dollar Journey. I say no 😉



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Thanks for the mention and advice Mike. I think I’m going to stick it out with my current mortgage and try to pay it off completely before the end of the term.

Thanks for the link love!