March 28, 2009, 7:06 am

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madonna-gym-mirrorI registered to the gym last week (Wednesday) and since then, I’m going every day! I actually decided to come at work at 9AM instead of 8AM (I had to open the stupid door and do small talk most of my first hour anyway!). I caught on my lunch break and I am good for going to the gym every morning:-D

I actually loss 2 pounds right up front! Now at 198 lbs!

On the other side, I still ate ice cream twice this week (they open a ice cream store 10 houses from mine!)… I feel that there is a conspiracy against my goal!

Interesting article from The Credit Toolbox saying: The Hell With You Dave Ramsey! I’m Paying my High Interest Debt First! Who thought that someone can be against Dave Ramsey?

I really like this post from Four Pillars about public speaking.

Here’s the part 2 of the Best Stocks for 2009 by Buy My Stock Picks.

Million Dollar Journey is wondering about the purpose of money… this is quite a question!!

Retirement might be a source of nightmare with what is going on in the markets.

The Digerati Life ask if you would follow financial gurus advices? Hint: half of them are wrong… but I don’t tell you which part of them are!

If you are looking for ETF’s, look at the BMO ETF’s by Canadian Capitalist.

Canadian Dream writes about selling out our dreams.

Intelligent Speculator thinks that Google should feel threatened by Twitter and Facebook.


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