March 21, 2009, 7:24 am

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fatsoSo following on my Friday post about being too fat, I registered at Goal Hunter and to the gym as well (I never read that internet could me you slim, so I though that the good old treadmill would do the job!). I actually signed-up for a program with a personal trainer that will update my program every two months. Since I hate to not do what I have to do, I will feel bad not going to the gym and show no results after 2 months.

I think the key point when going to the gym is to establish a schedule where you will go every time. I decided to start my day with the gym and start worker later. My boss agreed, so I’m good to go! 3 time in 3 days this week 😀

Here’s what caught my attention this week:

Find about a few great stocks that could make the list of best stocks for 2009 at Buy my Stock Picks.

The Passive Dad wonders if Monopoly Taught You Anything About Managing Money?

Should Google feel threatened by Twitter? (Follow me on Twitter!!) by Intelligent Speculator.

Here are a few tricks to save money with your credit score at The Credit Toolbox.

Learn more about the IRA account at ABC’s of Investing.

Four Pillars is suggesting getting back to school during though times. This will get you ready once the economy kicks back in!

The Digerati Life writes about the buy and hold strategy and your long term investment horizon.

Frugal Dad found 7 ways to fund college without a college savings fund.

The Simple Dollar tells us how he uses credit cards. I use them for every purchase (even to buy a coffee…. Didn’t I say that I wasn’t anymore? Hahaha!)


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Hey TFB, you know we have a gym at my office?. ;)….and I i’m hiring now…;)
Beside this, keep going man!

by: The Financial Blogger | March 21st, 2009 (11:08 am)

Make me an offer!

Thanks for the link:)

Good reminder about getting back to the gym…. I’ve also got an article coming up tomorrow/later today about how to use credit cards… and how I use them, or think they’re best used. My goal really is to have enough cashflow to not use them at all, except for purchases which can only be made online.

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