October 20, 2007, 7:00 am

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I was reading some great thoughts from Warren Buffet this week. The morning the FED announced, CNBC interviewed this billionaire to know what he expected the rate to be. Will it remain stable? Will it go down? They probably did not have the courage to ask him if it will go up 😉 Nonetheless, Mr. Buffet’s response was a bit surprising. He basically didn’t mind much this decision by the FED that appeared to some as being crucial. According to him, the interest rate has very small effect on his investment strategies. “Buy good companies at a discount price” and you will be just fine. Mr. Buffet does not believe in predicting the market, however, he does believe into good companies bought at the right time. This is great food for thoughts.

Warren Buffet

On the plane for a weekI am about to leave my peaceful house for a week on a business trip. I am planning all the planes, hotels and car rentals this week. Man, it’s a lot of work! I will be constantly on the go for a week. While business trip sounds like vacation for some of us, I can guarantee that I will work much more during this week than while I am working downtown. However, this will be a great opportunity for me to meet people I do business with and definitely a great work experience. The good news for my readers is that I will have internet access in most of my hotel rooms so the blog won’t stop and I will still be able to follow your comments once or twice a day.

Keeping up with my MBA

Time really flies and I am already at my third MBA class this weekend. Technically, I already did 60% of my semester but about 90% of the marks is still to be obtained. The first months, you have to read every single day as your head will shortly become the fastest processor on earth. I read over a thousand pages and I am not done yet. At least, I have the impression that I learn something and that I can easily understand what is happening at work through what I learn in school. The MBA will definitely be a great help for my career.

I just lost my banker

I know I work for a bank, but I still need a banker. In fact, I do not have the right to submit my own files because of conflict of interest (duh!). However, I have found I really good banker a few years ago and I was pretty happy to deal with her for all my banking need. I just find out that she moved to another branch. I thought it would not be a big deal as she is about 15 minutes away from my house. But I found out at my big surprise that I have to keep dealing with my original branch. They basically don’t want to transfer money from one branch to another… I’m sorry ’cause I rant against my own bank, but this policy sucks! I understand the corporate side of the decision but as a client, I am really not satisfied. Anyway, all that to say that I will shortly be calling my “new friend” to find out if he can help me out with my stuff. Aaahhhh, things were so easy… why do they have to become complicated all of a sudden?

Carnival Picks

A little bit of lazyness here. I only participated into two carnivals this week. The Carnival of Personal Finance found a host at Mighty Bargain Hunter while The Festival of Frugality was at Fire Finance. Here is the top 3:

#3 A post that has nothing to do with the carnivals but it is for a good cause. Where does all my money goes talks about the fact that employers ofen match charitable donation.

#2 Comparing Foreign Websites for Deals at No Budget Travel. It is always fun to save money, espcially if you are planning on traveling!

#1 Impact of Taxes, Inflation and Currency Illustrated by moolanomy. Definitely three words that I hate put together… argh! However, you are always better off knowing your enemy!

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I agree with Mr. Buffett, a lot of things we hear in the news are just noise; and should not impact our long term investment strategy.

Thank you for choosing my post as your number 1 pick.

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