June 28, 2008, 6:00 am

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While you are reading those lines, I am writing my Personal Financial Planner (PFP) exam. This is a 10-15 pages case which you have 3h30 to resolve. You basically have to write down observations and recommendations for each of the 7 fields of financial planning. It is quite a challenge but I think I am ready for it. I’ve been studying quite hard during the last week and I feel comfortable now. So while I am writing a dozen pages of text, I’ll leave you with some weekend readings:

Money Ning wrote an interesting article about how much you really make when you save money. While saving money can be quite a pain, don’t forget that when you save a buck, it’s a buck after taxes and other contributions. Therefore, you are saving a lot more than a simple buck 🙂


Invest in India is telling us why Equity funds hold cash in their portfolio. The purpose of an equity funds is to be heavily invested in stocks so it can provide a good return. While liquidity is technically reducing the expected return of the portfolio, there are some reasons hidden behind fund managers investment strategies.


There is a great post about Risk management via insurance written by Brian Poncelet as a guest writer for Million Dollar Journey. While insurance is not my favorite topic, I must admit that there is a great deal of risk that can be reduced with insurance.


I found some funny pics from The Digerati Life who shows us what a market crash looks like. I recognized this kind of expression since I experienced the market crash feeling once… what a painful experience!


Mr. Cheap from Four Pillars wrote the a small guide about making $30 a month in passive income. With a title like that, it caught my attention right upfront! He also had the great idea of splitting them by poor/rich and no skills/skills categories.


The stock you are holding is decreasing its dividend? There are 3 ways to react to a dividend drop. The Dividend Guy is telling you what you could possibly do and why. I would personally re-evaluate the stock and find out why the company decided to decrease its dividend. Sometimes, you are better off sticking to your investment strategy!






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Thanks for the mention FB. It would be interesting to hear more about your financial planning certification exams.

Thanks for the link! Good luck on your exam.

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