June 21, 2008, 6:00 am

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In exactly one week, I’ll be writing my PFP exam and finally get over it. Once this exam is over, I’ll be able to concentrate on my MBA and obviously my alternative income project. My wife just stopped receiving her maternity leaves pension and she is only starting to work in August. Let say that extra income would be more than welcome 😉

I found a great read from Brip Blap. He explained how he suffered his way up to a 6 figures income. In his post, he describes the 8 steps to make it happens. Are you ready to make sacrifices?


Canadian Capitalist comes back with another vengeance against the Smith Manoeuvre. He is wondering who are the real beneficiaries from the Smith Manoeuvre. While his analysis is correct in a sense that both advisors and banks are making money out of this strategy, I still believe that the individual setting up the whole process is making money as well. Will you stop putting gas in your car because somebody else is making money of your back?


She Wants More Money! Find out about Millionaire Mommy Next Door’s latest idea of finding ways to spend more and more money along with ways to create that extra cash flow. Is she going to survive this 30 days experience?


The Digerati Life talked about one of our biggest mistake as parents : she listed 5 reasons why we spoil our kids. She also find some crazy ideas if you still have money left to spoil them 😉



Carnival of Personal Finance (I got selected as editor’s pick! yipee!)

Carnival of Financial Planning

The Festival of Stocks

The Festival of Frugality

Money Hack Carnival



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I would if the gas I put in doesn’t do what it’s supposed to at all. That’s the thrust of my argument – make sure you profit as well when you implement the SM. Thanks for a vigorous debate 🙂

Oh, and thanks for the link. Have a nice weekend!

Thanks for including me in your ramblings! You seem terribly busy with all your projects! Hats off to you to do it all!

by: The Financial Blogger | June 21st, 2008 (8:38 pm)

we are not done yet 😉 LOL!