June 14, 2008, 6:20 am

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My wife and I are starting to anticipate her return to work seriously. In fact, she is starting the last week of August. That leaves us with a little bit more than 2 months to enjoy family life as we know it. While we still can’t afford that she quits her job, we can at least make our lives easier by hiring a housecleaning lady more than once a month. That would free-up a lot of time in our weekends and we will be able to spend more time with our two young children.

I found some interesting article around the web this week, here are some of them:

Consumerism Commentary analyzes the impact of having Obama Vs. McCain on your tax bill. See, we don’t have this problem in Canada, we are always over taxed no matter who’s in charge!


The Personal Financier gives us tips to make savings more rewarding and tangible. I liked her 5th point where she mentions that we have to learn to enjoy the overall process and not only the result. It’s like going to the gym. Loosing weight is great but if you don’t enjoy going to the gym, it won’t last for very long!


Million Dollar Journey discusses the opportunity cost of having an emergency fund. I’m a big defender of the line of credit as an emergency fund. Keeping 5K to 10K in a savings account is simply too much for nothing. In the end, you loose money.


According to The Digerati Life, my kids could become millionaires by the age of 40! And I thought that William could become millionaire at the age of 18 by signing a NHL contract! I guess using compounding interest is probably a better bet!


Canadian Capitalist offers us an interesting and very informative post about life insurance. Nobody wants to speak about their death, but when you are dead, there a lot of people that will talk about it if you didn’t leave enough money behind you to take care of them!


Carnivals (there’s a lot of them this week!)

Carnival of Personal Finance

Carnival of Money Stories

Carnival of Financial Planning

Carnival of Everything Finance

Carnival of Money Hack

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