May 24, 2008, 6:00 am

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This is the E day. E for Exam Day! In fact, I’ll be writing until I can hold my arm for the next two days. Then, I will finally be relieved from my slavery for one full week :-D. We are finally going on vacation! Therefore, I won’t be commenting for the next week but you will still have something to read during that time. I queued a few posts and Mike from Four-Pillars, FT from Million Dollar Journey , Jonathan from Master Your Card and Pete (my partner in M35) accepted to write guest post for The Financial Blogger too 😀

It’s been 3 years we didn’t take real vacation. Between 2 babies and 2 properties, we didn’t have much time to think about it! I think this will be an important moment of my year since I will be disconnecting completely from the real world. It’s funny as I still wonder I will survive without my internet connection for 6 days in a row!?!

Some people think that the market is good for another dip in June-July since the last one was not hard enough according to their taste. I am actually surprise to see the Canadian stock market doing that well. It seems like we are living in our own bubble and nothing (not even the Americans!) can wake us up. According to my perspective, it seems too good to be true.

Will it change anything to my investing strategy? Hell no! Changing your mind in the middle of the party would be the worst move you could ever do! I am doing systematic investment in order to average my cost per share. This strategy is a winner since you are avoiding getting in the market at the wrong time. Imagine somebody that would have massively bought Canadian banks in July 2007? His first experience in the market would be disastrous.

So I guess we will have to wait and see how the economy is going in the next two months in order to know if the market is really getting back on track or was just taking a break before diving into the abyss.

So enjoy life while I’m gone and I’ll be back with more ideas to write about!

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Thanks for the mention 🙂

Enjoy your vacation! You deserve one (I think).