May 17, 2008, 8:11 am

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Before we start with my financial ramblings, I wanted to let you know that I am hosting the Festival of Frugality next Thuesday with another great theme!

I guess that more and more people will know about Sprott Asset Management since they went public a few weeks ago.

With such great returns, I am definitely tempted to switch more money into this fund. So far this year, it has been my best investment move and the main reason why my Smith Manoeuvre is showing a positive result!

I started to talk about leverage to some of my clients and it’s incredible to see the light opening up in their eyes when I show them the techniques. They realize how much they could make and taxes they could save (on a RIF Metldown Strategy for example). It is great to see that you can help people.

I obviously don’t offer leveraging strategies to all my clients. In fact, I would say that only 10% (if it’s not 5%!) of my portfolio would qualify in term of risk tolerance and investment knowledge to psychologically manage the ups and downs of a leveraged investment portfolio. Since I have several engineers in my book, it’s easier to explain it to them. God they love my charts and Excel spreadsheet!

Leverage strategies are fairly new in the Francophone environment. It seems that we always thought that making money was evil and definitely for the “mean English” than for us ;-). I think that we pay too much in taxes and we must find ways to make money, regardless if we are Francophones or Anglophones 😉 After all, money doesn’t have a language, it speaks for itself!

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