May 3, 2008, 6:52 am

Financial Ramblings

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Financial Rambling
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Man, today I feel like a million dollar! It is supper sunny outside and I’m in the bus going to another Financial Planner class but it doesn’t matter. Things are going great! In fact, I am pretty happy about the recent success of The Financial Blogger. Last week, we reached 400 RSS Readers, which means that more and more people are reading my stuff! Then again, a big thank you to all my readers! You are definitely a great source of motivation for this blog!


On the other side, money is starting to come in as well. As you may notice, my “Financial Links” and “Financial Resources” are almost full. In fact, I plan on having 12 links on each side, not one more. It is nice to make a few buck while writing (even though the hourly wage is as good as what I can find in Thailand ;-)), but I don’t want to have a Nascar blog either!

I think the best way to achieve it is to diversify the blog’s sources of income. With a few reviews (not too many as I don’t want to piss off my readers ;-), front page links, financial articles, I am able to pay my Saturday pizza and beers and I don’t frustrate my readers (I hope not anyway!).

There is also a steady growing traffic rate from months to months which I’m really proud of. A blog is not a real blog if nobody reads it! Once I’m done with my Financial Planner exam, I plan on putting even more effort on growing TFB’s traffic (so maybe I can beat Mike from Four Pillars one day!).

On another note, I am quite excited to take my two weeks of vacation at the end of May. My last day at work is May 16th, but the real fun start on May 25th in the afternoon. Around 4pm on that date, I will be done with my MBA exam and heading to our frugal vacation. As usual, I will have pre-written post for those two weeks as I don’t want to let you down J.


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Haha – don’t worry about beating us. You are doing just fine, keep it up!


by: The Financial Blogger | May 4th, 2008 (5:20 pm)

Thx FP, but you are still my target ;-D

FB, I hate to be a downer, but how can you feel like a million bucks on the last day of the Habs season? 🙁

I was in Montreal for the weekend. Somehow it was easier to swallow the loss being at the game. I knew 21,272 other people were sharing my pain. 🙁

Nonetheless, I’m very proud of the boys. They’ve learned a lot and the 100th anniversary should be a very good one. 🙂

Ok, sorry for taking over the post with nothing financial to discuss…!

by: The Financial Blogger | May 5th, 2008 (6:18 pm)

Telly, On Saturday morning, everything WAS perfect 😉