April 26, 2008, 7:36 am

Financial Ramblings

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Man, it smells like golf and the Stanley Cup at the same time! Fortunately, I’m going to play golf before my Montreal Canadiens! Boy I wish I could by my team one day… After all, it would only cost 300 to 350M$ 😉 Nothing is out of reach when you think big! In the meantime, I’ll go shine my golf clubs and do some practice swings at the driving range.

I really love to play golf but it is an expensive sport. Not only expensive in term of what it costs to play and to buy the proper equipment, but also expensive in term of time spent on the field. I wish I could play overnight so I could see my little children during the day that the same time 😉 Since I can’t do both, I’ll sacrifice my favourite sport for the benefit of my favourite people. My family is much more important than my 6 Iron (but not my big Bertha, she is also a member of the family!).

The Bank of Canada announced last Tuesday that rates will go down by another .50%. I understand that this is not a good sign for the global economy as we are desperately trying to escape from the American credit cough, but for my budget, things cannot go better! This allows me to keep my $400 a month into my Smith Manoeuvre with an additional $450 into my HELOC. So now, I don’t have to count on my Smith Manoeuvre contribution to reimburse my parents in 3 years 😀 I will most likely be able to pay them from my other savings.

I met with my accountant last Saturday for my taxes and our incorporation. I am proud to announce that M-35 has been born on April 19th at 2:24 PM. It is 14 inches long and weight about 1/10 pounds 😉 I’ll discuss this point further in another post 😀 For now, I’ll leave you with my carnival picks.

Carnival picks:

Carnival of Personal Finance hosted at The Happy Rock:

I am Not Going To Cut On My Cup Of Coffee by Saving to Invest. Being frugal is nice, but drinking a good coffee in the morning is priceless!


Carnival of Money Stories presented by Can I Get Rich On A Salary.

Patience Pays Off by Stop The Ride! Hopefully, I will be patient enough to buy my new car too!!!


Festival of Frugality done at Rather Be Shopping.

The Frugal Lifestyle: Are We Missing Out On Life? written by Flexo. Frugality and enjoying life can live in the same human mind! Hum… I guess I have to work on that… someday!

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