September 29, 2007, 7:00 am

Financial Ramblings

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Another week has passed by and it is time for some more ramblings! At first, I was a bit reluctant to add another post to my weekly routine. I thought that 6 posts a week could be a little bit too much. However, after a few weeks, I can say that it is not too bad. In fact, it allows me to bring a lot of small points that are not big enough to make out for a full post. So here are my thoughts for this weekend:

Apples are for frugals

Last week, we went to pick up apples with my family and friends. That day was simply amazing. My little boy was running around everywhere. He played in the park, fed the goats and sheeps, got on to a tractor and a horse ride. It was simply magic the whole day.

apples for frugals


We spent most of the day there; we had breakfast, desert and a ton of apples for a small $50 for the four of us. It might be over for the apple seasons, but you can surely find other seasonal activities that don’t cost much (Halloween would be the next one coming in my mind at the moment). These moments spent with your family are priceless.

Canadian Dollar at par

Whoa, I still remember when, not so long ago, we used to receive a little bit more than fifty cents US for our worthless loony. However, it seems that the loony became a big fat bird as we are now over the US dollar for a week now. I do not think it will stop there. Our economy (especially Western Canada) is flourishing while the US is struggling with the Irak War and the subprime lender crisis. The world is striving for our resources and I do not think it will slow down for a while. Canadians, it is time for us to cross the border and buying cars in the States. You could save easily 10% on most cars!

The Financial Blogger Stats

It really showed that I stayed home for six weeks as my blog took a big jump. From 1,639 visits in July, the number of visits went up over 3,600 in September and there is still two more days left. At this pace, I should reach 6,000 monthly visits by the end of the year. Therefore, the monetization of this The Financial Blogger is imminent. However, I will not trade my blog to a Nascar with banners everywhere. I am well aware that my readers is the bulk of this blog and I surely don’t want to piss you off. But as many blogger says, getting money from your writing is a great source of motivation!

Before that, I am presently working on a new design with one of my friend. When I started this blog, I basically took the first template I saw and got writing. I have now established my needs and Blain from really helped me out with his review of The Financial Blogger to improve my design. Those suggestions and my personal ideas will take effect shortly. I am very excited about this project!

Carnival picks

It was a pretty busy week in term of carnivals. In fact, four posts from last week were featured somewhere. The Financial Blogger is making is way throughout the blogosphere!

So Blunt Money hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance, The Virtual Handshake Blog hosted the Carnival of The Capitalists, Money and values took care of presenting the Festival of Frugality and finally, The Widow’s quest hosted her how to solve money worries blog carnival. Here’s is my top 3:

#3 : The Latte Facto: Starbucks is Evil by Mr. Cheap Stuff. In the line of thoughts than The Frugal Reflex, Mr. Cheap Stuff (not Mr. Cheap from Four Pillars) explain a theory based on the fact that you should quite your unncessary spending (such as smoking, drinking and having your morning latte) in order to save more money and change your financial future. I really liked is double down technique where you can buy whatever you want, but you have to put the same amount aside at the same time.


#2 The Cancer of Short-Term Thinking by the Trusted Advisor. He basically explain all the reasons why our economy will slow down and why there is a potential recession; because we are stupid enough to not think long term!


#1 A Quick Financial Awareness Wake-up Call at the tao of making money. Golbguru writes down a pretty usefull list that we all should print and make the check up once in a while. It is good to read about financial advices but if you don’t include them in your life, it is useless.

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I like the new format.

The “review” of your blog was interesting, but I can’t believe he normally charges $25? I wonder if anyone has ever paid that much for a review.


by: The Financial Blogger | September 30th, 2007 (10:25 pm)

Hey Mike,

thx, I think the new format was definitely a must to take the blog to another level.

In regards to the review, you could be surprised by how many people pay even more than that for a review. However, most of them have something to sell on their site which makes things more profitable 😉

1. Congratulations on you recent traffic boom.
2. I disagree with your comments about the reasons for the increase of the CAD. It is true that our economy is going great, and resources are in demand. However, if you compare the FOREX rates we have not really been increasing that much. Rather it is the USD tanking (for many of the reasons you mention) that is the reason for the CAD valuation.

Look at some charts for the USD/CAD, USD/EUR, and EUR/CAD. You will see that the CAD has not moved (much) in the past few months relative to the Euro. Whereas both the Euro and the CAD are both taking great strides against the Greenback.

by: The Financial Blogger | October 1st, 2007 (7:56 pm)

I must agree with you that the poor USD performance is helping our CAD perception. I may look at it only compare to the USD, which might conclude to wrong conclusion. However, I have a strong feeling that our dollar will keep going up because of our resources. At one point or another, I guess it will reflect also on other currencies.

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