April 12, 2008, 6:35 am

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I wrote in my previous financial ramblings that I could save another $40 a month on my HELOC since our bank was giving an extra -.25% on a 5 year term variable rate mortgage. Well it’s not going to happen to me! As it is considered to be a promotional rate, I either have the choice of having the -.25% or keeping my employee rebate. I cannot have both… I was a bit disappointed but I guess we can’t borrow for free after all!

There are days at work when I have a hard time simply because I am under the impression that I don’t know everything. Everybody tells me I’m doing fine (even my boss!) but I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I like when I am in complete control of what I am doing.

Nonetheless, I stopped complaining about how it was hard to learn the whole bank system (and its complex procedures!) when I heard a sad story from a friend of mine. He is quite closed to someone who just lost his job because of massive lay off. I have seen this guy once or twice in my life but it really sucks when you hear those stories. The guy has a family with two kids; I can empathize on the stress he must be living. So the lesson I learned from that is the following:

When you have a rough time at work; tell yourself that you have a good job and appreciate what you have. Appreciate what life gives you because there might be an expiry date on it.

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