March 22, 2008, 6:00 am

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I must admit that I was starting to get a bit worried at the beginning of February when I started my new job. I caught a bad cold (and so my children did!) and my mind (and the rest of the energy left) was concentrated on my learning the systems and the procedures at my new job. At the end of the day, I didn’t have much left to concentrate on my blog. It was quite a hectic period and my posts were written only 2 days in advance (I usually keep almost 2 weeks of post in draft).

I was simply not about to create, to write something interesting. Each time I was opening my computer, I was fixing a completely white Word document and my brain was going Bleuah! Fortunately, this is all resolve and I feel in perfect control. Hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance brought me back to life and inspiration is back with a vengeance!

You may laugh but I recently started to buy stuff on E Bay. I knew about this website for a while but never took the time to surf around to see if there were any good deals to make. I recently did when I wanted to save money on a BlackBerry. I was shocked! There are so many good deals that you will spend more than you previously thought you would! I didn’t buy the BlackBerry yet (I just learned that I could not link it to my work laptop for security purposes…), but I bought a gift to my best friend (I can’t tell what it is since he is reading the blog!). Then, I remembered that I recently lost my Oakley, so I went on E Bay again and paid half price for the same model!

So you may say that going on E Bay to buy stuff is a frugal way of buying stuff that you need. However, the site is designed to make you buy much more than what you need. So once again, I failed in my attempt to become more frugal. Will I ever achieve it?

So that was my story for this week, I’m leaving you with some good carnival picks.

Carnival Picks:

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