March 1, 2008, 7:00 am

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March 1st… man where the time goes? I am more concerned by time more than ever since I really don’t want to see my wife going back to work in late August. On the other site, I’m running out of idea for my $1,500 project.

The thing with my new job is that I kept the same based salary I as used too so it doesn’t make any difference on my monthly budget. However, my end-of-year bonus could be much more important even though it will fluctuate from time to time.

My internet project is still on the go as we applied for a name at the Canadian Company Registry (I don’t remember how it was called but CCR sounds good, isn’t?). The plan is basically to manage, buy and sell website and make money from advertisement on those. Don’t worry about the blog, I never wanted to have it look like a Nascar and it won’t. Making a few bucks writing is surely nice but I don’t want to sell my soul to the devil either (even though some people may think I did already as I work for a bank, LOL!).

I’m running out of time to write this weekend as I have to meet with my MBA team again. Geez, can I buy a few hours to any of you? I’m leaving you with my carnival picks for the weekend:

Carnival Picks

#141 Carnival of Personal Finance by Broke Grad Student (Really cool college edition! a must read!)

Perfect is the Enemy of Progress by Paid Twice. In fact, I think the only way to learn (therefore progress) is to make mistakes.


#48 Carnival of Money Stories hosted by

Why I Started Lending Money With Prosper and Lending Club by My Two Dollars.

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Just discovered your site – great posts and will be adding you to my blogroll.