September 15, 2007, 7:00 am

Financial Ramblings

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Financial Ramblings

I should not really call this one a financial ramblings but maybe a big rant. In fact, there are a couple of things that made me angry during the last week.

Hulk and financial rants

Client customer service is the key

Well, I hear that all day long, we see it in my MBA classes but it seems that it is not enough. I recently explained that I had to decrease my monthly investment through my Smith Manoeuvre from $600 to $400 a month. So I called to get the modification done. I thought it was a simple transaction; after all, it’s only turning a 6 into a 4, right? Well it took exactly 8 minutes and 5 seconds to type two buttons on the guy’s keyboard: “Delete” and “4”!

The whole process starts when you speak to this automatic robot explaining a 10 options menu. Then, you press the first button you hear that was to speak with a representative. “Hi my name is I-don’t-care, may I help you today?” I explain my (simple and easy to understand) request. She makes me repeat to make sure I know what I want and then, ask me a whole bunch of question about my name, my account number, date of birth and so on (First time I am being put on hold). After all that, she tells me she will transfer to the right person (who are you then?)(Second time I am being put on hold). The “right person” confirms that I want to change from 6 to 4 hundred bucks. He has to access to the “right form” and put me on hold for the third time. Then, he confirms again (for the 4th time overall) that I want to drop my monthly investment. Once I thought everything is cool with it, he has to mention one little thing before I go: It will take up to 15 days to process. 15 days for pressing 2 buttons on a damn keyboard! Even if I work at the bank and I understand that they have to complete forms and these have to be sent to the right department, please, don’t tell me it takes 15 days!

My car is a black hole for my money

After being frustrated about the fact that I had to put $1,900 on my car at the beginning of last week, the price of oil is jumping towards the $80. I have a strong feeling that my gas budget will have to move accordingly. The only thing that is good about this whole story is that I recently purchase an oil trust company (Harvest Energy Trust).

Carnivals Picks

This week, I participated into two carnivals. The first one was the #117 Carnival of Personal finance at The second was the #91 festival of frugality at Here are my top 3 picks for this week:

#1 What Would You Give Up To Save Some Money? @ My Two Dollars. Being frugal is all about sacrifices. However sometimes I still wonder, do I really want to make sacrifices?

#2 5 Romantic Outdoor Day Date Ideas Under $30 @ Consumerism Commentary. 5 smart ideas to not ruin yourself on a date. When you have love, you don’t need much more to have a nice moment with your little angle. That reminds me of the time I was a teenager and I was trying to take my girlfriend out without a penny in my pockets. Hum… the good old days!

#3 No More Free Money – Pulling The Plug On Credit Card Arbitrage @ Money, Matter and More Musings. This is sad but true; credit card arbitrage seems to be close to an end. Credit cards companies are not that stupid, if you are about to make money on their back, they will find ways to make more money on yours!

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[…] already explained that I had to wait eight minutes to get my Smith Manoeuvre investment dropped from $600 to $400. I temporarily have to reduce my […]