December 22, 2007, 7:00 am

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Whoa! Two days left before Christmas’ Eve and I still have to shop around for two gifts. It is funny how I planned all my gifts back in November and I did most of my shopping back than but I am still running out of time to get everything done for Christmas. I guess I definitely need to do something about my procrastination habits… In the mean time, I already know what I am buying, I just have to get my bullet proof vest and my metal bar ready to go shopping while people are running and pushing around to buy their last minute gifts… Is Xmas not beautiful?

Enough with the sarcasm and let’s get back to something more interesting. As you may have noticed already, I recently add a “Financial Resources” on the left of my Blog. I am happy to say that I am selling out links on my Blog and things are going well. I made enough space for up to 10 spots and I already have 5 of them booked to the next twelve months.

There are still some spots available and I am now offering other advertising opportunity such as button and reviews. In regards to reviews, it will never be more than once a week and I reserve the choice of not writing about a website if I think it is not relevant to my readers. For more information, please contact me at thefinancialblogger(at)gmail(dot)com or visit our advertise section.

That’s definitely another step on my $1,500 project! seems to be prepared for another level for the upcoming year! Another proof is that I was recently accepted to host The Carnival of Personal Finance in February.

While some people might say that blogging has become too commercial and that they are frustrated to see ads on many of them, I would tell them that making a few bucks out of blogging is one of thing that will make a blogger work harder on his articles. In the end, everything comes down to the same thing; the main goal is to get as many loyal readers as possible. If I get more people to read my stuff, I get a double reward; I am happy to see that you like what I write and I have an opportunity of being paid for all the hours spent on this project. Believe me, my blogging hourly rate is way below the minimum wages. But I don’t do it for money, I write because I love personal finance.

So I hope that you will understand my choice of adding links and a few ads here and there. On the other side, I am dedicating my self to produce great content on a daily basis and try to entertain your lunch hour with my daily lines 😉

Enjoy your last two days of Christmas shopping !

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