December 15, 2007, 7:00 am

Financial Ramblings

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Financial Rambling
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Please note that I had problem with my comments this week as I just changed the server and some updates needed to be fixed. Everything seems to be (almost) in order. In fact, I’m still missing my logo and a few other things but I am working on it 😉


While you are reading this post, I am presently writing my MBA exams. I have two tests today and then I am done for this semester! I started with an IT exam yesterday followed by Finance and Organizational Behaviour today. This is quite a challenge!

I am pretty happy to survive this first MBA session. While it is very demanding, it gives me the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people and to learn from them. The good part is that I am not only learning, but I am making friends as well. Last night, I went to see the Montreal’s Canadians playing against the Tampa Bay’s Lightning with one of my MBA colleague. While our team played like clowns for most of the game, we still had a lot of fun!

If I have personal thing I have to improve for the upcoming year, it will surely be to stop procrastinating. While I started the process of refinancing my property to pay off my debts a few weeks ago, it is still not done for one stupid reason: I did not schedule an appointment to sign the final paperwork! So everything is approved, ready to be disbursed, but I am “too busy” to meet with my banker and get everything signed. I guess I’ll go the lazy way once again and I’ll ask him to courier the paperwork through internal mail 😉 I am telling you, procrastinating is your biggest enemy when it comes down to finance!

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