December 8, 2007, 7:00 am

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Christmas time is knocking on our door as we are getting closer and closer to the 24th. I hope that you started your shopping as it is getting quite crazy in the stores this week. We started Xmas on December 1st this year as we had our friends Christmas supper. My wife and I host this supper for the third year now. It is becoming a tradition among our friends. This year was a great success as we started early to have fun. In fact, the party started a week before the supper when I announced that it will be a thematic supper on Snow White.
The best part is that I asked my best friend (who started to go out with his girlfriend a couple of months ago) to dress as Snow White. Once he had a stroke, we told him it was a joke and the real theme was Christmas on the beach. Each couple brought a plate from a different country (Japan, Greece, France, Australia and Brazil). It is a fun way to get a bunch of people together without ripping off your wallet.
I am almost done with my Christmas shopping and I think I have been pretty decent with my budget. Instead of buying a gift to my wife, I decided to offer her an activity we can share together. We will spend the day in Montreal and have a nice massage. This should drop down our level of stress caused by my MBA. I think it is also a good idea to spend some time together as a couple instead of being a mother and a father all the time. As I said it on this blog before, sometimes, you need to take your time and relax.

Carnival Picks

A few carnivals here and there and a lot of good articles…. Not! I was so concerned about my MBA and my party with my friends that I totally forgot to submit any of my articles… ish….

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Hi Mike,

It’s good to stay within your budget during the festive season. Your plans are interesting indeed! well, I’ve made plans to stay with my family this Christmas – there’ll be no vacations but we’ll go out and have a blast with friends and cousins. I usually prefer staying frugal and avoid spending too much on gifts and party, but this year since I’m doing very well at my work, my friends want me to give a big party! and just to keep away from overspending I’ve tried following some Christmas budgeting tips right from the beginning of the year. I’ve shared 51 such tips and more at . Hope you’ll find them interesting enough!

Merry Christmas in advance!