March 15, 2008, 7:00 am

Financial Ramblings – Top Contributors Edition

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For this Financial Ramblings, I decided to make a small tribute to blogs or individuals that helped me out during the past year. Even though I started The Financial Blogger in November 2006, I officially started to get serious only in April 2007. Since then, I “electronically met” a lot of interesting people. Here are a few that really helped me out in my journey of becoming a real blogger.

Million Dollar Journey

This is a very inspirational and complete blog. MDJ, gave me a lot of advices and allowed me to write a few guest post on his blog. Always friendly and available, I wish him the best of luck in his quest of a million dollar!

Canadian Capitalist

He was the first blog I discovered after I started mine. I noticed that my blog was first mentioned in the comments of his very popular Smith Manoeuvre Debate. Since then, I have been reading his blog and I learned a lot from him.

Fours Pillars

This blog has always been one of my favourite references in term of stats, content and way of doing things. Why is that? Because we started our blog about the same time and he is now bigger than mine on some aspects. I really appreciate our friendly competition relationship!

The Digerati Life

This is definitely my favourite American blog. It is probably because she is coming form California ;-). Every time that she mentioned one of my articles, I can see a spike on Google Analytics ;-).

Stock Trading To Go

Blain is one of those wiz kids that would probably be on the front page of some magazine someday for his internet success. He knows how to run a blog efficiently and how to make it grow. I love to see his progress from month to month. If you like the stock market, you need to bookmark his site now!

Customers Revenge

A loyal reader and regular commentator, CR is always offering a clear and interesting (sometimes too cynical!) point of view. He is a man of his own thoughts and I think he is offering a great resource for customer with his web site.

Nancy aka Money Coach

Another loyal reader and regular commentator (man, I really feel lucky to have people like them on my blog!). Nancy now runs her own business and I admire that. She is very supportive and appreciate each visit on my blog.

The Skilled Investor

You probably never saw his name on my blog but I worked with him behind the scene throughout emails a lot. He created a blogger network called The Money and Financial Blogs Network which I am a member. We are helping ourselves to build better blogs and sending traffic to each other. It was a great addition to my growing strategy for 2008 so far.

All my readers!!!

The main source of motivation and inspiration for a blogger is always his readers. Without readers, you don’t have blog and you write for nothing. You are the heart and the blood of The Financial Blogger and I want to thank you for reading (and forgiving my grammar mistakes!) me day after day. The first thing I do every morning is logging into my blog to look at how many RSS readers (if you didn’t subscribe yet, do it by clicking here) and how many visits I had the previous day. Every time that I am doing better than last month, it makes my day. Recently, I can say that I am pretty happy most mornings 😉

So thank you everybody for bringing so much to this adventure!

Carnival Picks:

The All Mighty Four Pillars hosted 2 carnivals this week… and he also forgot where he lived with this kind of pressure 😉

The Carnival of Personal Finance

I liked: What The Hell is a TFSA? by Canadian Dream


The Carnival of Money Stories

I liked: Possibly My Wisest Purchase Ever by Mrs. Micah.

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Thanks for the kind words – it’s been great getting to know you as well.

Thanks for entering the carnivals as well.


I’m glad you liked the story. 🙂 So you’re coming up on your 1-year “serious” blog party, then. Even if you celebrated back in November, I say it’s time for another party!

Hi, Thanks for the mention. It has been a pleasure working with you. It is important for financial bloggers to work together. By the way, if you are a financial blogger and publish good quality materials consider joining The Money and Financial Blogs Network. It is a Feedburner network. Just look on Feedburner and send me a membership request.

The Skilled Investor

FB! Honored to be on your list. Thanks for the kind words. Keep up the great work.