January 3, 2009, 9:22 am

Financial Ramblings – Stupidest Ad Timing Ever, Getting Sentimental and Giving to Children’s Wish Edition

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It has been quiet in the blogosphere since most bloggers seem to be part of the same union 😉 However, since I really wanted to share a few stories that happened during the Holidays, I still decided to write a Financial Ramblings.

The Stupidest Ad Timing Ever

I was working on Monday Dec 29th. When I came back home, I opened all the “one time offer” promoting letters we received in the mail. So I now have the opportunity to get a 50K MBNA with a starting interest rate of 1.99% (hum… credit card arbitrage?), I can buy fitness equipment with a “preferred rebate” (that was sent to 100,000 people 😉 and… I can also get my favourite tombstone and write whatever on it!

Who was the smart ass who thought that Christmas time was the perfect timing to send a tombstone flyer? I mean who would like to think about their death during the Holidays? Worst; if you have lost someone during the Holiday period, do you really think you feel like to know about the best tombstone carver in town? Personally, when I watch my kids playing with their toys on Christmas day, I certainly don’t want to plan the size of my tombstone!

Getting Sentimental

Being a father transformed me to the point that I see things with another look now. I work downtown Montreal and there is a lot of itinerants, squeegees and junkies around my branch. At one point, you get use to see them asking for money and drinking while they received a few bucks. It is sad to say, but sometimes you are indifferent, sometimes you are annoyed and rarely you give them money (if I was to give only 0.25$ to each of them on my way to work, it would cost me $5 a day).

The other day, there was this 25 years old man who was walking beside me. I guess he was completely wasted by the look in his eyes and he was singing a kids’ Christmas song (Petit Papa Noël for those who know French songs). I have seen this guy many times and he his really annoying. However, today I looked at him differently. He was as annoying as usual for others and some people though he was amusing. But when I looked at him, I saw my little boy singing the same song. This is when I though that this man was once a cute little boy singing Christmas Carols. I wonder what happened to turn him this way. I just can hope that my children don’t have to go through this….

Giving to Children’s Wish

Make a wish is a great foundation that helps realizing ill children’s dream. They go to Disney Land, meet with hockey players, go in Africa, etc. Anything that could ease for a moment, the pain they are living. So my partner and I are proud to say that we took $100 from our profit to give to Make a Wish.

Most bloggers wrote their post about charity before the year end since it is the right timing in order to get your tax credit. However, these foundations need money all year long. If you want to make a donation in 2009, I strongly encourage you to do it to Children’s Wish.

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Regular posting schedule is back on January 5th (no more rest for the wicked!).

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I agree that the timing sucks but the sad part is my Aunt passed away on Christmas Day this year. Believe me there is no worse day to pass away considering it is meant to be a joyous occasion and the fact that is near impossible trying to organize a funeral.

when it comes to charity my family always donates to the Sick Kid’s Hospital in Toronto because my brother had surgery there when he was younger. Of all the causes we find this to be the most important for our family as most of the money goes towards research.

My eyes were opened by a book called “Stumbling on Happiness”. Those street people could very well be happier than your are. They likely are not more unhappy than you, and almost certainly happier than you think you would be in their position 🙂 That is a nice thought at Christmas!