October 11, 2008, 6:00 am

Financial Ramblings – My Life is a Nightmare Edition

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Financial Planning
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In all honesty, I believe that working in the financial industry is probably the hardest job in 2008. People are freaking out and you have to take all your time and energy to make them stay in the market. While you look like a stupid peddler, you are trying by all means to protect people from themselves. Here’s an article from the Globe & Mail relating the same facts.

As some of you might have noticed, I have a few advertising from INO TV on TFB. I actually registered to their full service to see what it look like and it’s pretty interesting. They offer trading videos on different topic. For example, for those who wonder what is going to happen to the price of gold in such volatile market, look out this free video on gold:

Is Gold ready to Skyrocket?

Million Dollar Journey is talking about how bad Smith Manoeuvre strategy can be these days. Look for my SM update next week, it’s going to be ugly!

Four Pillars is asking if it’s a good time to buy a house. I guess that if you have a steady job, it’s always the time to buy a house 😉 I would still wait a few other months thought… people may start to panic 😉

DINKS wrote an interesting article about class divisions. I piss off my wife every time I tell her that we are all belonging to a specific class. She prefers to think that we are all humans, so all equal.

The Wild Investor is helping us with this post about how to prevent suicide in these markets. Too bad for the 153 dead bodies I found on Wall street this week 😉

In these dark days, The Digerati Life is asking What’s the best financial advice you’ve received? I would say that the best advice is “don’t open your September investment statement!!!”

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Thanks for the link. I wouldn’t buy a house right now!

Thanks for the mention FB, I look forward to your SM update.

Thanks for the link, and yeah INO TV is an excellent resource