July 18, 2009, 6:54 am

Financial Ramblings – Buying Gather Little By Little Blog Edition

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Financial Rambling
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I finally did it! I now weight 178lbs! While I won’t too much about my weight today, all I can say is the greatest reward is when you are going shopping for new clothes. You know all the shirts or pants you liked but couldn’t buy them as they didn’t fit well on you? Well I went shopping a few weeks ago and I was able to buy anything I liked. That had an amazing impact on my self esteem but a terrific impact on my credit card… I must confess; I am a “under control” shopaholic! When I get in a store, I take everything I feel like and I don’t even look at the price… this sometimes gives be headaches 😉 But the feeling of buying is so much fun!

This is a very big weekend for our online company as we are making important changes. We are officially buying another PF Blog: Gather Little By Little! This is quite a challenge as GLBL is one of the most respected PF Blog in the blogosphere. So as of Monday morning, you will be able to read me on The Financial Blogger and Gather Little By Little! I really like GLBL style and I don’t intend to change it too much. Hence, you will probably learn a new perspective about me that was not explored through my main blog.

I have 6 weeks left before I start my 4 days a week schedule at my day job. I just can wait to see how it will go 😉 In the meantime, I am starting to think about my vacation coming in August… We rent a vacation property for a week and we will spend the other week at home, enjoying the pool and going to the zoo. This will be a lot of fun 😀

Here are a few great articles for this weekend:

Cash Money Life talks about the pros and cons of secured credit cards. Unless you have a very bad credit, I would suggest you don’t take one.

ABC’s of Investing details the different types of stock market indexes.

Mrs Micah talks about the car allowance and rebate system. This is too bad we don’t have the same thing in Canada!

Bible Money Matters gives us 10 ways to improve financial intimacy in marriage. I think it’s really important that you work as a team with your spouse in regards to finance. You will be able achieve your goal much faster.

Frugad Dad explains how to become a debt killing machine in 5 steps. I guess that going on a shopping frenzy is not part of the list 😉

Studenomics expresses his thoughts on college students earning an income. I used to work 35 hours while doing my bachelor degree full time… it was kind of rough!

Million Dollar Journey tells us how to make our own wine. While I drink a lot of it, making my own wine might be a great idea!

Moolanomy writes about 20 ways to improve your finances today. The best advice of all; get a financial advisor!

Getting married shortly? Prime Time Money offers tips to keep wedding costs down.

Being Frugal is asking how far would you go to get out of debt? Paying off your debts is often a matter of will and effort.

Free From Broke has an addition to his family! Congratulation!

My Two Dollars give example where spending the money worth the cost.

Plonkee Money says that pensions are investments.

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Congrats on the purchase – hope it works out for you.

Congratulations on the purchase of Gather Little by Little! And thanks for the mention!

Congrats on the purchase – I look forward to getting to know you. 🙂

Are you serious? That’s huge news man congrats!

Thanks for the congrats! So that’s you who’s taking over GLBL huh? Best of luck with it. It’s a great site!

Congratulations on the buying Gather Little by Little! It’s a great site and a wonderful resource.

Very interesting. Looking forward to seeing how this goes for you. Congrats on purchasing one of my personal favs. And thanks for linking! 🙂

Congrats on your purchase!

Re: Mrs Micah talks about the car allowance and rebate system. This is too bad we don’t have the same thing in Canada!

Depends in which province you live:

Oh, and congrats on meeting your weight goal!


by: The Financial Blogger | July 19th, 2009 (7:33 am)

why do I always fee I live in the wrong province 😉

I love BC!

“The Grass often look greener in the other fellow’s yard.”

There are many reasons to like & enjoy many different places in Canada – each have their own unique joys. We found the Culture & Arts, and public spaces (trails, etc.) in Quebec fascinating.


by: The Financial Blogger | July 19th, 2009 (11:01 am)

The best thing would be to swap houses for summer vacation 😉

Where do you live?

Thanks for the link!

Happy for you and your purchase of Gather Little By Little! I hope you know you’ve got big shoes to fill over there! I look forward to seeing what direction glbl takes!

Happy belated congrats! Glad someone is doing M & A!

Wow it certainly is interesting to see blogs M/A activity. I would be interested in learning about the methodology TFB used to value GLBL…
Otherwise my blog is also for sale.. for $100 Bln ( evil laugh)

Congrats! Gibble told us about the purchase and I think it sounds like a good deal for both of you. 🙂