July 5, 2008, 6:00 am

Financial Rambling

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Still on vacation for another weeks! It feels good to spend some time to relax! I’m still doing a bit of MBA and writing this blog obviously :-0 I didn’t feel like not writing for 3 weeks! At first, you feel relieved and then, after 2-3 days, you feel this urge to write something! I guess we can say that blogging is good for my mental health!

Here are the good read for this week:

American Consumer News wrote an interesting article on how to save money at the grocery store. With the price of oil going up every day, this is probably the place in my budget where it went up the most!


Debt Free is trying to explain the cause of the US humongous debt. I was happy to find out that the department of defense was not the most important expense in the US. Only the third one…. with 575… BILLIONS! WTF? I think Canada didn’t reach this amount even if we add the last 100 years expenses in the defense department!


Dual Income no Kids are writing about the difference between a second mortgage and a PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance). With my banker experience, I would say that it is easier (but much more expensive) to get a PMI. Second mortgage offered by financial institution will be more expensive than a first mortgage but still affordable 😉


The Personal Financier offers a good reflexion on Privatization. Since I live in a province where several things are run by the government (education, health care, roads and transportation), we are tempted to believe that privatization would be the ultimate solution to our problems. After seeing Sicko, I changed my mind!


In a time where the stock market isn’t going so well. Some people are hiding behind good paying dividend stock. The Dividend Guy write about signs that will tell you when a company potentially drop its dividend.


Thicken My Wallet point out the fact that several people are dependent from a Blackberry and ask if those people should be paid to look over their emails after work hours? I think it is up to employees to set their own limit. On the other side, I don’t think an employer should expect them to work for free… unless the blackberry is given with a specific mandate. Then, it’s up to the employee to refuse 😉




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