December 29, 2008, 6:00 am

Financial Goals for 2009

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Have you survived Boxing Day? I didn’t go this year… I’m broke since I finished my home renovations 😉 As we are approaching 2009, it is now time to take a moment to establish my personal and financial goals for 2009. While 2008 was a year of changes, 2009 should become a year of great results from those changes. In 2008, I switched job to become a financial planner, I started a web based company and my wife decided to start her own daycare at home.

Make the top 10 financial planners in Montreal

Now that I have learned the job, I want to get everything in line so I become one of the top financial planners of my company in the city I work. Our financial year started in November 2008 so I already have a great taste of what my year is going to be. We didn’t receive any ranking so far (they usually wait until summer to show us the ranking) but I know I am doing quite well so far by my numbers. As we are working on net growth of our book, anything can happen until the very last day. However, I will work hard to make it happen.

Double income from my web company

We started our web company late in March 2008. Since then, we have been consistently increasing our income. Since it is still a start up, doubling income seems an achievable goal for me. We are actually working on a new design that will be in place within a couple of months. We should add more blogs to our network and possibly buy one of two website (if you ever have a site to sell, drop me an email!). While it is a lot of work, I just love blogging and working on my computer!

Finish my MBA with honor

I should be done by July 2009. In order to finish with honor, I need on A’s (A+, A or A-). So Far, I have 8 A’s and 1 A- so I am still eligible. However, I still need 6 more A’s in order to finish my MBA with mention. This is going to be quite a challenge since I run a lot of project at the same time. On the other side, I think that when you start something thinking you will succeed, you have half the work done!

Get my wife to (finally) stay home

I have been working on my $1,500 project for about a year and a half now. While we found a compromised solution by starting a daycare at home, our real goal is to have her to stay home only with our children. If I succeed with my two first goals, I should be able to make enough money so my wife can stay home without having to change our lifestyle too much.

So that’s it for my financial goals for 2009. What about yours? Do you want to pay off your debts? Increase your net worth? Change job?

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Hey partner! Yes, I have no doubt that 2009 will be an amazing year both personally at work and for our project. Personally I am aiming for a 100k year and am planning on having revenues of around 8k… It is a crucial year

I just want to congratulate you on what you have already been able to accomplish and best of luck to you in 2009. I will definitely be emailing you for advice in a few years when I hopefully get into the MBA program.