November 17, 2010, 8:14 am

Finance and Holidays – Where Money Takes On All Its Meaning

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A scant 5 weeks and you will be comfortably installed on the couch with your glass of wine (a good one if you are the host, a risk if you are an invitee 😉 ) and you will witness one of most beautiful things in the world; a child’s reactions when they are about to open their Christmas gifts.

I like Christmas, I always have. I like this time of the year when you have an “excuse” to see all the people you want (and sometimes that you don’t 😉 ). What I like about this excuse is that generally, people go the extra mile to make sure they make room in their agendas to get together. We always try to host several suppers with our friends and family during this time of the year.

This is what money is for

Some say that Christmas has become a huge parade of consumption. It is a capitalist’s favorite holiday. The trick is that they are right. Christmas is a commercial challenge. Every year, they start sooner and sooner. They used to respect Halloween and wait until November 1st before putting Christmas ads and decorations in stores. But this year, I saw Santa next to Freddy Krueger’s costume…. But I don’t care, I like Christmas for what it really means anyway ;-).

On the other hand, Christmas is the perfect example of my perception of money; it should be used to create some magic around you. While I *sometimes* look at my budget and try to control it, I rarely manage this during the holidays. I spend a lot of money because:

#1 I like to buy great gifts for my kids (Don’t tell them but they getting an air hockey & baby foot table (William) and a child size doll house (Amy)). The glitter in their eyes are priceless.

#2 I like to buy great gifts for my friends and family (Too many people read my blog now, I can’t disclose this information 😉 ).

#3 I like to host several parties and dinners (having all my friends grouped around my table is the gift I give to myself for Christmas each year).

#4 I like to give to charity (each year, my partner and I make donations to 2 charities of our choice). We gave $200 last year, I hope to give even more this time.

These 4 reasons for me to spend money on Xmas have the very same goal; to create magic and make people happy. I don’t mind much about money, yet it helps to create smiles all around me and I really appreciate this ;-).

Do you limit yourself during the Holidays?

As you know, I am very bad with limitations. I consider that we should live our lives in a sports car at 100mph ;-). During the Holidays, I don’t work out, I eat a lot, I drink a lot and I spend a lot. And you know what? I’m having a lot of fun spending all my time with my family and friends. What about you? Do you try to remain in control? What do you do during the Holidays?

This article was part of a finance and holidays group project coordinated by Go Banking Rates.

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woow that’s generous from your part!! Usually, we are setting a budget. It helps us not to feel awkward for giving a smaller gift of a bigger gift… 😉