March 6, 2008, 7:00 am

February Top Ten

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February has been a great month for as I hosted the #140 Carnival of Personal Finance and my article about The Sad Truth of Investing has been stumbled quite a few times (more than 600 visits from in one day!). So here is the list of article I think made the cut last month:

#10: Are you Saving Enough For Retirement? Check Out This Rule of Thumb by The Dough Roller.

While I am not a big fan of rule of thumb in general, the article is trying to make people realize that they are probably not saving enough for their retirement.

#9: Over 1 in 3 new home owner in the States owe more than their houses are worth by Were Does All My Money Goes?

A short but shocking article showing what could happen to Canadians in the West if we don’t manager our money properly.

#8: A Clear and Present Danger: The humanities by Brip Blap.

Steve is debating where the government’s subsidies should go in the complicated world of education. Should we encourage only the smart and productive students or should we allow everybody to go to school?

#7: How To Grow a New Blog Efficiently at Blogthority.

This article was written by Mike from Four-Pillars. He definitely knows what he is talking about since his blog (with the help of Mr. Cheap ;-)) is growing at a very good pace!

#6: 2008 Federal Budget at

It is not a blog but I think that many Canadians should read what’s on this website and especially this article. Any tips to save a penny on taxes is a good one 😉

#5: Investing in Yourself: Personal Growth by The Simple Dollar.

Investing is not always only about money. It is also about yourself and your family. In order to grow and evolve as a person, you need much more time and effort than money to be invested.

#4: Reminder: Savings is Different than Investing by Plonkee.

A great example that you must look at ads, think about it and analyze it later on.  As Plonkee mentioned : “Too many people don’t realise the difference between savings and investments.”


#3  7 Things Women  Wish Men Knew  About Money by Being Frugal.

There is nothing like a chick to bring you down to earth! Every time I go on my financial bubble, my wife is always by my side to make sure I don’t go crazy.  According to me (women, close your eyes and stop reading), #7 is very important 😉

#2  What Price Are You Paying To  Have It All ? The Supermom Myth by The Digerati Life.

Another gem by SVB. She is giving her thoughts about the Supermom Myth, a concept that has been reviewed by many many people. It is great to have a wife that does it all, but sometimes it could get ugly!

#1 Why You Can’t Trust Real Estate Agents When Selling A house by Four Pillars.

I personally think that you can never ever ever EVER trust a Real Estate Agent 😉  Instead of getting emotional on the subject, I will let you read this 2 parts post (the first one being why you can’t trust them when buying a house!). If you could only remember the title, you will be good to go in the housing market 😉


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Thanks very much for including me in your top ten! I know there are a lot of posts/articles out there, so I’m very appreciative of how tough it is to narrow it down!

Thanks for including me. Glad to see that I beat Brip Blap in your top 10 🙂

Hey FB – thanks for the link.


Thanks so much for including my article. And I agree with your comment. Rules of thumb can be helpful to a degree, but they should never replace a person’s sound judgment.

Thanks for including me in your top 10!

Thank you for sharing Blogthority article with your readers!