October 19, 2012, 6:00 am

Epicness Time

by: MD    Category: Financial Rambling
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This week I urge you to check out:

Canadian Housing: God’s Gift to the World @ Money Mamba.

This is a very well-detailed and outlined piece on Canadian real estate. JT is a very bright young investor and I would recommend reading his blog if you want to learn more about investing your money.

How Is Chess like Life? @ Krant Cents.

Despite looking and behaving like a young punk, I actually enjoy playing chess. When I was in grade 7, my team won the Ontario finals. Nobody stood a chance! To be honest, I joined the chess team to skip class. As did my good friend. We ended up just pulling jokes all day. Somewhere in all of this, our team became good enough to win the Ontario finals.

For some the word “checkmate” may sound like a European porno. To me it means defeat!

The carnivals…

Once again, thanks to everyone reading this that has ever hosted or participated in a carnival. These are an amazing resource for gaining links and discovering awesome posts from around the community.

Carnival of Personal Finance #383 – Capitol City Fall Edition! @ Girls Just Wanna Have Funds.

Carnival of Money Pros @ Making Sense of Cents.

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Thanks for including me, I am in good company!

Love TFB.

Wish the Canadian Housing article was actually written by a Canadian. Rather than an American putting down the Canadian market, whilst not understanding what makes us different than their housing market.