August 3, 2012, 6:00 am

Epicness Time

by: MD    Category: Financial Rambling
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Last week we discussed broke personal finance bloggers and we received some pretty interesting comments. I really love this community and the readers that take the time to leave their thoughts. Thanks to everyone that reads this site and joins in on the discussion.

I wanted to highlight a few of these comments from last week…

Bridget chimed in with:

“I have student loans, but I also have financial assets and live a pretty spendy life. I just started my career (I haven’t even been working for a year yet!) so I think it will be interesting to look back at my financial growth as my income continues to increase.”

Andrea wrote:

“Personally, I’d much rather read about getting out of debt from someone who has actually done it versus someone who has never been in debt. I’m not sure why that’s so mind-boggling. Just like if I’m going to read an article about painting my bathroom, I want to read one written by someone who has literally painted a bathroom, not someone who bought a house that already had a perfectly painted bathroom.”

Epicness time.

I recommend checking out Why Personal Finance Blogs Became a Cliché @ My Broken Coin

Oh and I’m doing something cool: I’m Calling You Out (and offering free money).

Carnival time.

The Carnival of Personal Finance was hosted by yours truly. I wrote about the olympic sports that I would be good at. I realize now that I may have missed a few. Watch out 2016!

The Best of Money carnival is apparently on hiatus. I could’ve saved myself some time if I knew this before I actually submitted articles to an empty email.

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