June 22, 2012, 6:00 am

Epicness Time

by: MD    Category: Financial Rambling
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The most epic piece from this week was: 51 Ways to Get Out of Debt @ Once Cent at a Time.

As much as we dive into entrepreneurship and other related topics, it’s important that we focus on debt once in a while. You need to get out of debt if you want to chase after your goals because debt holds you back. Instead of being stuck with this debt, you can focus on crushing it.

This article follows through with practical tips on how you can crush your debt.

Do you have any debt? What’s stopping you from crushing it?

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Thanks for mentioning about the epic piece MD. I am honored although it was a guest post but, topic was mine.

I have 10 months left on a car loan and 29 years on a mortgage but the interest rates are so low I’d rather put my money elsewhere.right now.

Interesting site.
I spoke my mind, however, about some of what I thought was poor advice in that article.
Working three jobs at once is STRESSFUL. Not necessarily on the emotions, but definitely on the body.
THE fastest way to burn out is to attempt multiple things at once and do a halfway job at each of them.

I write at length about my own efforts to become debt-free over at my own site and you are dead on. Debt is parasitic. It keeps you in bondage and makes it much more difficult to spring on opportunities when they pop up.

I should be debt free (minus our gargantuan mortgage) in a year. It will be a cause for great celebration.

One of the biggest problems with getting out of debt is emotional. Sometimes it can feel so daunting that you first have to break out of this feeling of hopelessness to move forward. Once you do that, then things start to seem possible