February 3, 2012, 6:00 am

Epicness of the Week

by: MD    Category: Financial Rambling
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The most interesting piece from this past week was Quit Your Job and Die Alone by Financial Samurai at Untemplater.

What was so epic about this article?

This reminded me of my harsh reality check on full-time blogging. There are too many of us falling for the dream and wanting to be “our own boss.” Do you really want to be your own boss or do you just hate your job? I find that it’s usually the latter. We hate our jobs so much that we want to quit and work for ourselves.

Do you realize how tough it is to be your own boss? When you’re the boss you can’t pass the buck, leave early, take it easy, or be stress-free. Everything is now on you. You can’t blame Steve in Accounting for the money problems. Everything is on you.

What’s the best part of this piece?

“Someone can sell you a product to give you that motivation, but guess what happens after you’ve failed at going at it alone for 2 years?  You have one big gaping hole in your resume and a lot less money.  Meanwhile, the person who sold you the dream of quitting your job has your money and is relaxing on the beach, thank you very much!”

This is so true. I also must admit that I’m guilty of this. I’ve consumed far too many products on how to work for yourself and be your own boss. I’m just enamored with the idea of making money on my own. I love making my own money. I love helping others. I love being compensated for my passions. I do however realize that there’s a lot of delusional people out there that want to be full-time bloggers because they hate their jobs.

I must argue with one point. Sam goes off at the end about how starting your own business and quitting your job could lead to disaster. I do agree with some of his points, but I don’t think that it’s that bad. The worst case scenario is that you have a few empty years on your resume. I think that beats the feeling of regret that would come with not even trying.

Before we part ways for the weekend, I also wanted to remind you of another piece from here about calling it quits. There’s nothing wrong with giving up on something that’s obviously not working out.

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Yes I also read the post by Sam. There a lot of good facts that a lot of people may not want to hear but really need to pay attention to. When I ran my own business several years ago I understand quickly everything fell on me. If someone was late, did a poor job, clients didn’t pay, or paychecks need to have funds that was my responsibility. And forget about vacation days there were no breaks. I do however enjoy the experience and learned from that period in time. Everyone is different and can handle different things. That is way I work full time while trying to build a online business.

I am working in the oil industry and exploring blog writing as a means to have an easy way out when the project finishes. I sometimes punish myself because I think I have read a lot and done nothing, but I later think in the “mothership” concept I saw in the movie “you, me and Dupree”. it comes a time when you start doing, after reading a lot of stuff. Everything comes at its own pace.

I have worked for myself and worked for someone else. I am simply better suited to not go it alone, but I have seen others who make the leap to starting a business and really prosper at it. I’ve seen plenty of failures too. I guess it is just how you are wired.

Now, as to side business? I’m more interested in that aspect. Maybe it is age/stage of life.

Yes, everyone does not succeed in everything. Every person has their abilities, the question is to identify them and use them in right direction. Doing business is really a tough job in it self.