May 11, 2012, 6:00 am

Epicness of the Week

by: MD    Category: Financial Rambling
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My favorite piece by far from this past week is A Nerd’s Guide to Healthy Drinking @ Nerd Fitness. We’re going to shift away from finance today to look at a popular fitness topic. Anyone looking to lose weight or get in in better shape, has had to think about sneaking in a drink or two without feeling guilty.

An eye-opener in this post is some thoughts on red bull and vodka:

“The alcohol tries to slow you down, the caffeine tries to speed you up – your body has no effing clue what to do.”

Every young person going to a party after a long day of school or work, has tried this concoction of red bull and vodka.

Some interesting thoughts on drinking in your diet:

“I believe drinking can be done occasionally, in moderation, and a desirable healthy lifestyle can still be achieved.”

The best advice on drinking altogether:

Volunteer to be the designated driver.  That way, your friends will love you and OWE you as they don’t need to pay for a cab, and you have a built in excuse why you’re not drinking.

Do you cut out drinking when trying to lose weight?

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I don’t drink a lot, but everything in moderation in my opinion. If you cut out something you love you’ll end up binging and binging alcohol aren’t the best combination.