April 13, 2012, 6:00 am

Epicness of the Week

by: MD    Category: Financial Rambling
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This week I urge you to check out Quitting your job is stupid! How are you going to survive now? FAQ questions answered  @ Wealth Informatics. It’s a basic Q&A for anyone with a family looking to quit their job in the near future. I always enjoy pieces like this because I’m annoyed about the cheerleading and the empty advice on the Internet about “following your passions.” Sure I support entrepreneurship. I just realize that we all have bills to pay.

My favorite quote from this piece is the response to being afraid of the unknown:

“I am petrified. But I am also excited for the future that awaits me. I will be able to do all the things I never had time for before.”

Are you planning on quitting your job? If you want to quit the right way and be prepared, then you need to read this article.

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Learning to live well below your means is a pretty common sense place to start if you want to quit your job and pursue a dream job. I was able to take a $70,000 pay cut to pursue mine!

Suba does do a great job breaking everything down though.

by: Millionaire | April 15th, 2012 (7:45 am)

Remember not everybody likes what they do. I used to have a job I hated and I swear I wanted to die. Fortunately enough I found something else better with a better salary. But I still dream about quitting my job in order to do my passion that unfortunately I can’t do while still working. But i’m never gonna do it with a 70k pay cut as my aspiration is not to live like a homeless which would probably be as bad as hating a big $ job. 🙂