November 4, 2011, 6:00 am

Epic Shiz of The Week

by: MD    Category: Financial Rambling
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The most epic article from the last little while is If You’re Not Doing This, You’re Leaving Money on The Table over at The Middle Finger Project.

What’s so epic about this article?

Long story short is that the author tells us that by not offering a complementary product or an upsell to our current offering we’re leaving money on the table. That’s all that needs to be said.

What’s my favorite part?

I love this line when the author promotes the idea of the upsell:

I want you to kick ass in 2012, and upsells are something you need to know about. And not only do you need to know about them, but you need to know how to implement them.

I’m pretty hooked on this blog after this post.

What do you guys think?

What do you think about upsells? How do you feel about selling stuff? I’ve always debated the idea of selling something. I finally went ahead with it and you know how that worked. What do you think about selling stuff and the upsell?

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