February 24, 2012, 6:00 am

Epic Shiz of the Week

by: MD    Category: Financial Rambling
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The best article from around this past week was you don’t quit because you are a quitter @ Wealth Informatics.

What’s so epic about this article?

The piece looks at why so many of us will never quit, even dead end jobs. We get 7 clear factors that are holding us back from ever changing jobs or getting out of a horrible situation.

What’s the best part of this article?

“To do my current job, I have been training all my life. I know I am good at it. I know what is expected of me in my job. But going on my own and starting something new from the scratch requires a lot of faith and confidence in myself.”

What do you think? Why haven’t you quit your job yet?

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I’m really lucky that I absolutely LOVE my job and can’t think of doing anything else. Helping couples create families is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do.

Advice to others; find the right job, the right role and the right management for you!

When people ask my why I did not change my job, I will tell them the economic is bad now. i will wait until it gets better. The truth is that I am plain lazy. It is so much trouble to edit the resume and cover letter and making phone calls. I feel guilty. May be I should act now, talk later.

I think we can all become complacent. I think experience is important too- sometimes you have to put in the work and suck it up for a while in order to get the experience to move off to where you want to be.

I haven’t quit my job because it pays really well 🙂 However, I am a big fan of having more than one income. Be it investing, real estate or side business.

Wow, what an honor to be picked for this! Thanks a lot, MD!