May 4, 2013, 6:00 am

Epic Link Time

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Summer has hit Ontario! It’s the beginning of May and I already have a little tan going on. It went from being pretty cold to summer within one week. I’m not complaining. I’m loving it. I just come even more alive when the summer hits. How are things where you live?

Let’s check out some cool links from the past week:

Five Fast FAQs About Intermittent Fasting @ Roman Fitness Systems.

Have you tried this idea? I’ve been fasting for the longest time and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I skip breakfast, start my day, then I hit the gym. Once my workout is over, I finally eat. It’s tough at first, but totally worth it in the long run.

Scared Your Child Will Blow Their Savings? Consider a Custodial Account @ Good Financial Cents.

I’ve seen friends blow their parents’ money. It’s pretty sad. Don’t let this happen around you.

Finding The Motivation To Stay In Shape: A Conversation With Big Wave Surfer Laird Hamilton @ Financial Samurai.

Back to fitness. Are you motivated to stay in shape? I personally love to train and never miss a workout. My weakness is junk food and beers.

Carnival of Personal Finance: Disney World Edition.

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