February 15, 2008, 7:24 am

Easy Tricks To Get A Promotion

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Have you ever wondered why most people think they deserve a promotion but never get it? Do you really think it is because they are not part of the brown noses? I noticed that most of them only consider their point of view (which is understandable) and never consider their manager’s point of view (which is primordial). When you think about it, he is a big part of the equation when it is time to decide who will sit in the chair above you in the corporate latter. So here are my tricks to get a promotion.

Be part of a growing and healthy department

You may be the best worker of the entire floor, is there is no job opening, you will not go anywhere. Fast growing or healthy department will offer better opportunities for those who perform on a regular basis. When you apply for your next job, do not think only about the position itself but what the department of the company could offer you in the future. It is much easy to deliver what is expected of you in winning conditions than when your whole department is struggling.

Do what you have been ask for and then do more

I would say that this is the most important thing to do when you want a promotion. People expect to get a raise or a better position simply because they are doing their job well. You know what? You are already getting a pay cheque for doing your job well! If you wouldn’t, you would lose your job. Some people believe, think, say that they can do a better job but don’t do a thing. Why you don’t prove it? It is much easier to explain how you did something in an interview than simply saying “oh, I never did it, but I surely can!”. Always remember that everybody can say they can do something, only a few people will actually do it. Are you going to work harder for the same pay cheque? Yes, but you will also earn more respect from your peers and probably a special ticket for an interview. My ex-boss used to tell me :”if you want the position ahead of you, prove me that you can do it and I’ll give it to you”. Actions always speak louder than words.

Get along with everybody

There is a huge difference between getting along with everybody and kissing @$$. You must not have enemies. Try go get positive or at least neutral relationships across your department and business partners. A bad comment if often sufficient in order to plant the seed of doubts in your manager’s mind. Don’t give this opportunity to do this to your career. Simply say hi and smile at people. Remember that when you do not talk, you can’t say bad things that would offense people around you 😉

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