March 27, 2009, 5:00 am

Does A Blackberry Makes You A More Effective Person?

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black-berryI have been debating with my evil mini-me and my angel mini-me (yes, I am like Homer Simpson…I’ll let you guess who wins most of the time!) if I should buy one of those small and so cute piece of plastic with a screen called a (evil) BlackBerry (have you ever seen a black fruit anyway?). While I previously found a way to get a Blackberry for almost free, I felt the need of having access to my emails on a real time basis.

So I thought about it for a few months, my partner bought one and I still resisted at that time (I am strong against the dark side… sometimes). I finally gave up about a month ago and get myself a (nice) Blackberry!

Since our company was paying for it, it felt like it was almost free 😉 So the cost didn’t matter much (I know, it is still my money… but what the heck? Says evil mini-me). A lot of person around me asked me if I was a more productive person with a Blackberry in my pockets. Most of them were telling me right away (before I start answering!) that they would never accept such things. This product of evilness has been created to become the ultimate tool of control for your employers.

They might be right… however, I own the company who is paying for the Blackberry 😉 Therefore, I was not quite worry about it! I must admit that I would have probably been more reluctant if my employer was offering me such tool of productivity (i.e. slavery).

So, am I a more productive person with a Blackberry? Hell yeah! (that’s, again, evil mini-me answering 😉 ). More seriously, I am. Gaining access to my emails doubled with the possibility to answer back in such timely manner had helped me taking over a lot of stuff while I was:

– waiting for the bus

– waiting for the metro

– bored at lunch time

– waiting 3 hours in a clinic watching Wall-E with my son before he gets to see a doctor!

– at the dentist waiting… and waiting… and waiting (before suffering!)

– everywhere when I had 3 minutes + of waiting time in my life!

A great example was that visit at the dentist. During this 15 minutes wait where I could have read a very interesting article about purple birds slowly disappearing in North Africa, I took care of 2 MBA tasks, register my son to soccer and answer all my other personal emails.

Another thing I really like is that I know what is coming even though I don’t have the time to take care of it right now. It is also my personal agenda (I don’t forget friends birthday any more).

However, there is a big disclaimer: you must be able to put it on the kitchen counter when you get back home. WIVES GENRALLY HATES BLACKBERRY. Just handle carefully because this thing become addictive as well ;-).

image sources (nope, it wasn’t my kid!)

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So, because you can, you should? Sometimes downtime is a benefit for both you and the person at the other end. The constant rush to have everything instantly will lead you or your clients to expect an answer to their queries in ever shorter time lines. This may also mean that you respond without fully fomenting an answer, and send half-answers instead.

I am becoming ever more frustrated with the lack of professionalism being shown in correspondence and other communications I am receiving, and blame this in part on the expectation that a reply should never be slowed by the time it takes to offer a quality response.


BTW, Google Images “Blackberry Fruit” and you’ll see lots of black fruits.


The thing I hate the most is seeing people playing with their blackberry during meetings.

They should teach blackberry etiquette!

they are double edge swords. Increase efficiency? Yes. But you becoming a walking to do list and forget that effective management of people occurs face to face and not by a pin.

My current contract is up soon and I’m thinking of going to Blackberry route.
Also considering the iphone, but not sure if I can handle not having a keyboard.

I got a RB recently (Red Berry because it’s red hahaha) and loved it. Because I am not a gadget person, the first few days I found it was not as user-friendly as I thought.

Now, I think that it saves lot of time and I become more efficient. I mostly use my RB on the bus to read my e-mails, blogs and newsletters. I love the brickbreaker game, notepad (great for to-do list), calendar (great for reminders) and google map application (great for my lack of sense of orientation) !!!!

However I don’t think I am using the device efficiently yet. I have duplicate my e-mails and I am still trying to manage the enormous quantity of e-mails (I already have 5 email account + my black berry device).

Umm…have you really never seen the actual fruit called a blackberry? They’re the same size and shape as raspberries, but with a thicker skin and they’re a very dark blue-purple in colour (hence the name blackberry).

Apparently, the BlackBerry was named that because somebody thought that the buttons looked like seeds on a fruit (strawberry) and all of the other fruit-like names they came up with sounded too, well, fruity. It was also black at the time, so it fit.

But, really, the fruit does exist and it came first.

How the BlackBerry got its name –>

Definitely BlackBerry will make you more effective. That is why the technology created.

Thanks VG for your insight hehehe It’s actually cool to use a gadget named after food 😉

Horlic: You actually ‘said’ that with a straight face?

Does anti-lock brakes make you a better driver?

Sometimes technology just is