March 13, 2009, 8:32 am

Do You Have What It Takes To Make Money Online?

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Alternative Income
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Making money online is quite a challenge but I don’t think it differs from making money from any other company. Some people think it’s best to work for a company and not worry about any other stuff but their own job. It is a defendable point of view but you will never get out of the rat race like this ;-(. On the other side, it requires a lot of talent and other thing to make money online blogging or from any other kind of website.

Patience and beliefs!

When I first started blogging 2 years ago, I read a lot about how to make money and how to make your blog grows. As a matter of fact, I strongly suggest you read The Simple Dollar 31 dtips for a better blog series. This really got me started in my online adventure.

Most people that wrote about making money online and blogging will talk about patience, but I think it’s way more than only being patient to see your site rises. I think it has to do with faith and beliefs! Being patient and hoping to get some traffic is one thing; however, what really put your blog on the map is your faith and beliefs in yourself. When I started, the first 5 months nothing happened. I was thrilled to get 10 visits a day! (4 of them was myself 😉 ). Starting to work online will ask you to put hours and hours of your time without any results. This is a very long learning curve. However, when you start going up, it never goes down and the curve can really bring you to the top!

Technical skills

If you don’t know how to work your way out of html code and php, you might find your online journey a bit harsh. However, I am a proof that a computer idiot can succeed blogging! I also have to admit that my friend and partner has good technical skills and he does everything on that side -)

The good news is WordPress is there to solve most of your problem by providing plug-ins and a user friendly environment. You can actually do most of the job by yourself while reading a few articles about what you want to achieve.

Marketing skills

Blogging is not enough. Most people say that content is king and they are right. However, if you only write good content and you don’t show it to the world, you’ll end up being a goddamn good writer and your wife will be proud of you… but she will be the only one 😉 You need to open yourself to communities. Comment on other blogs, send emails to other bloggers, make friends online. This will bring you a lot both on your blog/website than personally. In order to be noticed by Google and other search engines, submit your stuff to blog carnivals, ezines and social bookmarking sites. However, don’t expect any instant results. Just draw yourself a marketing plan (and I’m not joking about the plan) and stick to it.


This is not always talked about when you read about starting a blog and making money online. But I can tell you that curiosity is probably what will bring you to another level of webmaster. By reading about what is hot right now, looking at marketing tools used by other bloggers and getting ready to replicate it, you will be able to make your blog grow even bigger.


Working hard is good. But working hard on a steady basis is the secret of all businesses. Write down a weekly plan and do whatever is on your list as it would be your main job. Blogging once in a while is fun but will never bring any cash home.

I think we did some great things during that week of hard labor. I will probably feel the benefit of all of this in fall but it is a long term project. While I have still a lot to learn about making money online, I hope that I inspire or help some of you to reach your goal! If you have more questions, send me a shout:

Thefinancialblogger at gmail dot com.

Good luck with all your projects!

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I think good content mixed with good advertising , thats what most important thing.

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I really like your blog and all of the information offered here. I am one of those holding down the day job, going to school and learning to make income online. Thankfully I am a very patient person and a very strong believer in my ability to learn new things. When I finish posting this message I’m going to read The Simple Dollar 31 tips for a better blog series. Thanks again for the great info!