April 30, 2010, 4:39 am

Do You Have To Be Good at Everything?

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In this Friday, I wanted to be more philosophic. If you have been reading The Financial Blogger for a while, you have surely pictured me as someone who aims for top results in everything that he does. For someone who might even be obsessed by success, the usual cliché of the young careerist. You’d be surprised that I am not. I will ask myself a simple question and include a lengthy answer:

“Do I have to be good at everything I do?”

Most people will say “no”. They will tell you right away that you can’t possibly be good at everything you do. That it is humanly impossible to achieve such ridiculous goals. They will also tell you that individuals who try to achieve this will end-up burned out or all alone in the marble palace. My answer is different:

“Yes, I do have to be good at everything I do!”

Call me a “perfectionist”, call me “burned-down-fallen-dad-to-be”, call me “stupid”; I still have a point to make. For the past 10 years, I have concentrated in being good, damn good at what I do. I have focused my efforts to reach a higher level of competence in what I do and I have used all my energy towards what I do.

So far, I can tell that I have succeeded in being good at almost everything I do. What is my secret? I don’t try to be perfect; I just don’t do everything I should 😉

Outsourcing is my secret. “Letting go” is my moto. In fact, there are a tons of things where I will suck  during my entire life. I don’t get along with hammers, screwdrivers or a piece of wood. I am also not good when it comes down to minute details and I am definitely not good at staying quiet.

For all those things I am not good at, I am trying to outsource them or simply let go and not focus on them. I prefer concentrating on my strengths and improve them instead on trying to cope for my weaknesses.

I am going to shock a few people now, but I found that there are too many “average” individuals. Too many people try to be good or average at everything. Most of the time, they waste valuable time working on a skill they will never do well just to feel better. They aspire to rise about mediocrity to reach an average or “fair” level. But who really wants to be “average at something”? Who really needs your help at something you are “decent” at? The cold hard truth? No one. When we do something, we want to feel that we are good. And when we are looking for help or services, we want to deal with someone who is pretty good at it. Not the average Joe!

So when I am good at something, I am very good. But when I suck… man it’s ugly ;-). What about you? Do you prefer to improve your weaknesses or work on your strengths to become a master in your field?

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