January 9, 2008, 7:00 am

December Top Ten

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Even thought it was Christmas time, Bloggers around the world did not take any break. I even planned on slowing down my writing production and I felt I just could not let my readers down. So here are my top 10 articles around the blogosphere for the month of December.

#10 I Just Saved $7 On My Electric Bill Without Spending A Dime at My Two Dollars.

Reality or fiction? I don’t know yet but I will certainly try this easy trick to save money on my electric bill!

#9 Our Best and Worst Wedding Registry Experiences (hint: Avoid Sears) at Lazyman and Money.

A great review of stores that could help or ruin your wedding registry experience. In fact, I don’t really like Sears either for many reasons. Those reasons are an A/C, a vacuum and a photo session!


#8 Babycenter.com A Nifty Tool to Calculate the Cost of Raising a Child at The Dough Roller.

Since I have already two babies, I know how they can be expensive. For those who are in doubts, you can surely read this article and visit babycenter.com!


#7 Ah Ha! The Value Of An Asset is Better Appreciated When you Lose It at Money, Matter and More Musings.

As Golbguru says in his intro : ” This is rather obvious, but not much appreciated in day-to-day life, so I thought of giving it a shout-out.”. Today, when you come back home, make sure to be greatfull for what you have.


#6 The Exciting Financial Year That Was At The Digerati Life.

A great recap from a great blog. If you haven’t started reading SVB’s blog, start with this one so you won’t be lost!

#5 Confession of a New Car Buyer – Getting the Best Price at Million Dollar Journey.

I really liked his first article about how car salesmen can act. This one is about a true story of a reader that went in a car dealership. Find out what happen on his blog!

#4 Top 5 Guaranteed Ways To Lose your Money investing at Stock Trading To Go.

They are mostly in line with my 7 Sins of Personal Finance Part1 and Part2.  We still don’t know how to make money with our investments, but we now know 5  things to avoid when we are trying to!

#3  DIY Smith Manoeuvre Part 4 at Canadian Capitalist.

I’m a big fan of the SM and i encourage you to read the full series. It will give you a lot of information as of to how implement a SM and start investing. The interesting part is that CC has no intention to do a SM so I guess he is able to provide a non-biased opinion on the subject.

#2 How to be a good partner to a stay-at-home spouse at Brip Blap.

This guy always comes with the most original posts! I’m almost jealous 😉 Seriously, I really enjoyed this article as I am planning to have my wife to stay at home in a year or so. Great tips!

#1 The Preet Principle – Leveraging to Invest the Right Way! Part1 at Where Does All My Money Goes.

A very interesting and complete (and lengthy!) series on leveraging. Preet is an Investment Executive with ScotiaMcLeod so he knows what he is doing (hopefully LOL!). Seriously, you copy an paste the full series (it makes 14 pages on Word) and read this on your way to work. It is definitely worth your time!

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Thanks for the mention FB!

Thanks for the mention.

Thanks for the mention FB! Have a good one!


Thanks for the plug FB!

Wow, thanks for the compliment – I love being called original. Good luck with your plans – it takes some work but it is definitely doable!