January 9, 2012, 5:00 am

December Blog Income Report, I won’t Impress Anyone With This

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I must admit it, the end of the Holidays were brutal to me. While I was away from my computer, I was pretty busy with other things!


The first one was being Mr. Mom while my wife had to stop doing everything so we can have a chance that the baby doesn’t arrive before she reaches 36 weeks (which she just did last Thursday, thank God!)


The second one was being Mr. Broke because my darn car stopped working (in front on my son’s school on December 22nd!). It will cost over $1,000 to bring it back to life (starter, coil, wiring and all the stuff that makes your car start in the morning).


The third one was being Mr. Sick as I caught 2 colds (yup 2 back to back!) during the Holidays and I finished that with huge back pain (simply because I threw my Xmas three out the window with one hand!).


The fourth one was being Mr. Fat, ‘cause I ate a lot and stopped going to the gym at the same time (note to myself: this is a very bad calculation of calories!). With my back pain, I won’t go back to the gym until later on this week so I’ll become Mr. Fatter by then!


So because of these adventures, I have become pretty late with everything to do with my company… including my blog income report! And I won’t impress anyone with this update… as I’m not impressed either! Why? Not because I have had a bad month, but because I’m putting additional pressure on my shoulders to get higher numbers month after month.


When it doesn’t happen, I smirk when looking at my results, at best. And this is the case for December…


Traffic: 203,539 visitors (-18%) and 278,029 pages viewed (-18%)


I’m not surprised to see my traffic head down in December as it follows the “regular” trend in my market. Since I focus more on entrepreneurship and investing topics, I don’t get many visitors since they are all searching for “Xmas gift”, “frugal Holidays” and “Boxing Day deals”. This is also the reason why I stop writing between Christmas and the New Year; because nobody is reading my sites! Lol!


Adsense: $2,357.93 (+23%)

It is nice to see that we have recovered from the Panda Hit and as a result Adsense income is slowly coming back to its previous level. While December’s payment will be lower, I think we could hope to see Adsense income head back up to $2,500 in January. My best months were paying me over $3,000 so I’m still behind at the moment. One of the reasons was that I have cancelled almost all my Adsense blocks on The Financial Blogger a few months ago. What is funny is that by keeping Adsense on about 10 pages (out of 1000+ pages on TFB), I’m still making roughly $300/month. It gives you a great example of how much you can make with your best Adsense pages and how little the rest is doing!


Broker / Affiliate Deals: $2959.69 (+63%)

This was another great month on this side of my business with a contribution from both affiliates and my Ad management service. While I worked less than 15 days in the month, I was still able to generate $4,100 worth of deals for my clients and I have another deal sealed (getting the payment this week!) for another $5K+. My goal with this Ad management service is to generate slightly over $10,000 in deals so I can earn nearly $1,000/month in commission (I charge 1 month worth of advertising per year for commission, so it’s the equivalent to 8.3%).


So far, I’ve been adding about 10 sites per month since November and I wanted to limit it to a small number because I wanted to make sure that I give the best service to my clients. To this date, I’m at over 40 clients and I’ll have to put additional clients on a “waiting list” since I want to make sure that I provide more deals to my existing client first. I’m currently streamlining this process to make sure I can have a VA do all the work in a few months in a highly effective way (after all, productivity is one of my biggest strengths 😉 ).


Private Advertising: $5748.23 (-34%)

Private advertising is still my Achilles’ Heel as my monthly income heavily depends on how great (or bad!) I do with it. This month, I hadn’t had the chance to close a major deal as I had been able to for the past 2 months. The private advertising business has its highs and lows but across our network, we are able to maintain a certain level. I’d say that my “regular” month is considered to be between $5K and $6K and a great month will be around 8K. If you are wondering how I manage my private advertising, I suggest you read my How to build a Media kit series where I talk pretty much about everything I do to get my money.


Niche Websites: $696.14 (-1%)

This was another interesting month from my niche websites. While I didn’t get to the level I expected for 2011 (I was aiming for $1000/month), I now have a very stable $200 in Adsense income and I can sell a few private advertising deals here and there. With my latest website (Canadian Dividend Stock), I’m also building a mailing list to add more value to the site. After 3 months, I’m now at 102 subscribers!


In 2012, I’m not expecting to launch many other niche sites. I would rather work on the existing ones while I plan on launching only 3 other sites that still be considered as niche sites but with a larger scale. The designs are currently being done and I expect to launch the first site at the end of Q1.


Expenses: $6,000

Wow! More expenses and less income! That sucks… not really 😉 Because the $2,000 extra in expenses went to people! We gave away 2 iPads (about $600 each) plus $800 for charity. Each year, our goal is to double our donation. We started with $100 each, then $200 each and this year $400 each. That will be fun to give $1,600 next year!


Total Income: $11,065.85 (-11%)

So the net income for this month is about $5,000. What was cool about December is while I personally made $2,500 (50% of it), I only worked 2 weeks… We are gradually getting to the point that we can really call this passive income as we are making more and more without necessarily working more! Here’s the income progression for 2011:

income from blog

As you can see, our business is becoming a lot more stable since September. I’m expecting a good month in January as people usually go back to their computer and setup their personal finances ;-).


I have a feeling that 2012 will be a turning point for our company. We are going to work on many major projects (3 sites + 2 books) and this year’s results will definitely determine if we have a company or a good sideline. I’m eager to see which one it is!!!!


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Hi Mike,

PLEASE read the book “Healing Back Pain” by Dr. Sarno. I don’t think your back is in pain b/c of the X-mas tree! Please, please read it.

$2,500 net is better than a snowball in the nuts! Congrats!


not too shabby. congratulations. all the best in 2012

Very impressive! But those expenses still shock the hell out of me but I don’t run as large of an empire as you

Not bad at all. Can’t wait to see how you develop your business in 2012.

Congratulation. Hope all of you have a great year in 2012. Best of luck

Not too shabby.. you had a great adsense month! It will only get better with the PR update

Congratulations on a successful December! I would be curious to know how much traffic your giveaways are bring in?

I really like how you donate to charities and use it as expenses, that is awesome. And even though the numbers are down, they are still pretty dang good considering the ‘Holiday Hang Over’ you had!

Maybe one day my statistics will be half as good as your ‘bad’ month 😉


I love reading your monthly updates, especially since you are so honest about it (at least you seem to be honest). Anyway, I noticed that you have done quite a few posts on educating people how to start a blog. I was wondering though, for the people who did take your advice and started a blog, maybe you could share with them some of the ways you attracted new followers to your page, did you advertise your blog for example. Also, maybe you could touch on the difference between private advertisers who may want to advertise on your blog and the other advertisers such as Adsense and those other ones and how to sign up for them. How do bloggers get the private advertisers to advertise on their page? Do they have to go find them? or do the private advertisers come to them?

I enjoy TFB and TDG very much. Keep up the great work! Hope the back feels better soon.


I apologize. I wrote the above comment after I had clicked on your link above to “How to Build a Media Kit series” and read you post titled “How to Generate $5000 in Private Ads in less than an hour a week”. After reading the post I felt the title was a little misleading. Not trying to be rude, I am a huge fan, I just thought the post was more about organizing payments, no real contents on how to attract advertisers and bring in the cash. After reading the comment section though and your post on “How to Build a Media Kit….” from October 25th, 2011, I see you have addressed peoples comments on private advertisers. It seems they contact you in all cases. You mention that you were going to send out a newsletter in the October 25th, 2011, post which would give readers a rate sheet, media kit and how to price their blog. Any chance you would be able to send me that newsletter ?? behan2000@hotmail.com. Your blog truely does have some great info for newbies like me. Thanks. I am signing up now for your newsletter so I don’t miss anymore.

by: The Financial Blogger | January 10th, 2012 (9:25 pm)

Hey everyone! sorry for not replying back faster, this was 2 crazy days at work! I just got home! (it’s 9pm EST 🙁 ).

@Financial Samurai,
I guess I won’t have to read it; a good and healthy body doesn’t need much to recover from pain. 2 days of Advil and I’m back to the gym full blast 😉 this was really due to that goofy Xmas tree!

keep in mind that I work less than 10 hours per week to get this income (including writing articles)…. someone has to work if I doesn’t!

the PR doesn’t influence traffic or Adsense… only private ads. So far, my sites are fairly stables (they all go from 3 to 5 to 4 to 3 or 5 again…. )

I can tell you that I got a lot of comments and traffic but it’s hard to determine exactly how much traffic. I’ll try to come out with something in my newsletter about this 😉

@Financial Money Tips,
I call it “expense” because it goes out of my company’s pocket but it’s really a donation in my book, not an expense. There is no cool trick to switch it around.

I don’t take it personal, I’m trying to make my title more exciting 😉 sorry about misleading you but the overall series do address most questions. If you register to my newsletter now, you will eventually receive the “missing” article which is being sent after a certain amount of day to all my subscribers ;-D

if you have any questions, please send me an email!