January 7, 2013, 5:00 am

December Blog Evo Report

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Blog Evolution Report
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When Making Money is Truly Passive


December is one of my favorite months along with August when I think of my online company revenues. These are the two months when I work less than 20 hours in the month and I still make the same amount of money. While December traffic is the slowest month, I always get the “Christmas present” on a good deal with a private advertiser, broker or affiliate program. I don’t know why but it always happens during this month! I guess I’m living a good life 😉 lol!


Traffic Improvement


Traffic is terrible in December for my online companies. I have absolutely no Christmas gifts or shopping tip related articles and most of my traffic comes from either investors or people at work. Both categories are not going to my sites during the Holidays. The good news is that I always get a traffic spike in January ;-). This is why I spent my 20 hours in December to prepare for the New Year!


I wanted to make sure to not miss anything and still take some time off with my family. So, I have pre-posted everything and even scheduled newsletters at the same time. When I come back to my regular schedule in January, I’ll focus on traffic (more on that later in this post).


Affiliate Program Strategies – Newsletter Projects


Nothing much has been done in this category for December… it shows that I didn’t work much! Lol!


Niche Site Central $304.42 (-31%)


I decided to publish my Niche Sites’ income now to give a little bit more transparency. It will also help me to know how much these sites generate for my company. The $304.42 is broken down into 3 sources of revenues:


$111.72 from eBooks (Excluding Dividend Growth)

$171.72 from Adsense

$20.98 from affiliate sales


This is another slump in my results for December with regards to my niche site income. I’m not too surprised as I didn’t work on them and December is always a very bad month for traffic. Starting this month, I have established a strong and concise traffic improvement strategy and hope to gather some results by February. I’m pretty confident that I’ll go higher than $400 in January and be back to $500 in February.


For the first time in almost two years, I’ll work on my niche sites to make them bigger. What I like is that after I have put effort into them for three months or so, I should be earning more money for the next two years. This is what I call surfing a good wave!


eBook Development


As planned, I launched the paper copy of Dividend Growth early in December. It was great timing for Christmas and thought that a lot of readers would like to have a good old book to put on their shelf. I was right with my intuition as we sold 52 paper copies of the book on top of selling 35 electronic copies. The 52 paper copies will generate a net income of $325.89 and £3.48. Considering I spent about 7 hours to put the two versions of the book in a paper format (I fired my designer for that part of the project!), I think I made a good tradeoff.


I also spent half of that time learning how to format any book into the right size for a paper version so I won’t have to figure that out next time. This will be a great advantage for my next book!


The first goal when we started working on Dividend Growth was to sell 300 copies by December 31st. This is a goal I achieved near the end of November. Then, with the paper version, I wanted to sell up to 400 copies total. This is also a goal that I have achieved! As at December 31st, we are at 418 copies! My next goal is to reach 500 by January 31st. I hope that my Evil Plan to launch my free eBook will work and that I’ll get an additional 82 copies for the month.


Current Project I’m Working On


In 2012, my partner and I divided our year into four quarters (yeah… how creative! Hahaha!). The goal is to establish simple and measurable objectives for each quarter. Instead of having bigger projects (such as writing a book or launching an authority website) or more general objectives such as “increasing traffic”, we focused on smaller goals. For examples, here’s what my quarterly objectives look like for January – February and March:

quarterly objectives


You can tell that I’m putting a lot of emphasis on traffic improvement. This is where I was hurt in 2012 and this is where I wanted to focus early this year. I also know that most of my income should be generated from my “in-house” products. This is why I’ll work on building a membership site, writing another book and creating a small eBook. The eBook will be a creation for TFB readers ;-).


Adsense Income $2,485.28 (-25%)


I’m down by more than $800 compared to November. At first glance, it seems like a terrible month. But December is never good for traffic as most of my visitors are coming from investing websites. Who’s looking to invest money when they have gifts to buy, right? The other reason why Adsense is down was that I haven’t been mentioned by any big sites this month. I estimate that my mention on the Daily Crux got me near $500 in additional revenues in November. It’s needless to say that I’d be willing to buy them a weekly link for $1,000 per month 😉 hahaha!


My “new” Adsense income in the upcoming month should be around $2,500 – $3,000 until I recover from the Google Zoological update that happened back at the end of September. It’s still pretty good but I think I can get back to $3,500 by the end of 2013. The difference is that I’ll focus on more “natural” traffic than search engine traffic.


Now its your turn, tell me, what have you done recently on your sites to make them better?




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Which website did you make the $2,485.28 adsense income from? This one?

HNY Mike!

$2,500 is still a nice chunk of adense income! To clarify, does that mean Dec 2012 total income was $2,800?

BTW, I think you will love today’s post on Yakezie.com. Check it out. It’s called, “How To Buy Your Way To Success Online”


Hey Glenn,

No, that’s for all my network, I have about 20 sites generating over $50 each per month.

Hey Sam,

No, that’s just the gross income I’m now willing to share 😉

Hey Mike, Sam pointed me in your direction for best strategies on purchasing sites. I’m just starting out but I’ve dabbled in web dev before so I probably have a bit of a head start. What do you think, what are the best online auctions you’ve seen?

by: The Financial Blogger | January 8th, 2013 (3:22 pm)

Hey Andrew!

Private auctions are the best!

You have to be very careful with flippa as there are a lot of junk too.

Send me an email if you want to know more



Congratulations on your Adsense income! After seeing the amount, I got more motivated to work on my blogs when I read how much you are earning from Adsense. I hope I can also do it. Good luck on your next eBook projects.

Mike, thats awesome income for only working 20hrs! Very impressive to be able to set yourself up and only work 20hrs for an entire month. Its definitely nice to be able to start a month off with all the metrics showing green when you are in niches where January is a better month than December. I think if you had goals for the year and you were reliant on Dec traffic it wouldn’t be all that motivating!