June 16, 2008, 6:00 am

Dealing With People You Don’t Want To Deal With

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I can’t explain it, but there are some people that are simply not professional. You are going to tell me that you know of ton of them, me too. However, I find it worst when I meet one during my MBA class. Last semester, we decided to add a fifth member to our group. We selected that person from we have seen so far based on our first session experience. He was showing assurance, professionalism and good ability to speak in front of people.

We thought that he was a good choice to improve the quality of our work. Yeah, this is what we thought. I still can hear his “no worries, everything will be done” in my head. This is a 2 part posts where I list the do’s and the don’ts when you have to deal with someone you don’t want to deal with.


Assume that everything is alright

A common mistake people do is that while they are frustrated inside, they become more and more lenient with the person getting on their nerves. They assume that everything is going to fall back to their place and that time will arrange the situation. They assume that the person will suddenly wake up and do what he has to do. Well I have bad news for you; he just won’t! The problem with this type of individual is that he doesn’t realize that there is a problem.

Let your anger go in

Sometimes, it becomes so frustrating to deal with them, that you just want to start a nuclear war to put a end to the relationship. This advice is as good for classmates as it is for co-workers or neighbours: do not let your emotion take control. Even though you are right and you are desperately seeking a solution to your problem, losing it will surely liberate some steam but it won’t solve the problem.

It’s not like you had the possibility to fire this person or simply not work with him. If you are stuck and have to work with him, insulting that person would just make things worst. Worst than that, he will probably be able to use your inability to control your temper as an excuse for his poor work quality.

Abandon and leave it as is

This is probably the easiest way to deal with this type of situation but this is also the solution with the worst ending for your personal situation. It’s almost as if you let the other person “win”. You will greatly penalize yourself on top of letting this individual getting away with his attitude. Indulgence has its virtue, but sometimes, you have to stand up and say what you think.

Tomorrow, I’ll write about what you should do when you are in such situation.

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Looking forward to tomorrow. I was just put in a position at work where I am going to have to deal with someone who has a tendeancy to be leniant and slack! I’ll have to deal with this person one on one for the next 10 months.

PersonalIy, I get along with him fine but our work styles and ethics are completely different.

Write on,

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