June 17, 2008, 6:00 am

Dealing With People You Don’t Want To Deal With Part 2

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Career,MBA
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Why can’t we just deal with competent and proactive people? Is life would not be much easier? Oh well, instead of dreaming or somewhat non-realistic reality, I decided to concentrate on possible solution to overcome the difficulties encountered when you have to deal with people I can’t stand. There is always a politically accepted way to get around things…

Be nice but be firm

Yesterday, I was explaining why you should not lose your temper and start a high school bully game. Instead, keep your calm and always smile when you speak to this person. Other people around won’t realize your anger but you will be able to pass on your message anyway. Being nice doesn’t mean that you don’t have to stand on your position. Simply come back to your main point again and again with a polite way. Chances are that the other person will start to get annoyed and quit or (even better) he may start to lose his temper. Than, you will look like the professional and you will get to your point anyway 😉

Stay with facts

There is nothing like throwing a knife with some smartass remarks to nail somebody. However, in a work or business school environment, it might not be the best way since you may end-up with a note in your file. Instead, align the fact and stick with it until you get a proper answer. If somebody didn’t something or didn’t do it right, keep asking why key information is missing in his report. Don’t presume why or give him any possible answer he can get away with. Just keep asking “how come?”. The other person won’t be able to find a reasonable answer if he really slept on the job. Since you are not giving him any ammunition, you will corner him fast.

Advise on what is coming next

A project schedule is what I find best to work with these kind of people. In a group project (either at school or at work), you determine within your team which tasks will be done by whom and when. You also define what is expected for each requirement. Therefore, everybody knows what to expect and what is expected form them. It is hard to get away with the usual “oh… I didn’t know” when everything is written down on a piece of paper!

Get rid of them

If you are Italian, it could cost you less than 10K to solve your problem… just kidding 😉 Seriously, sticking to the facts and your project schedule, changes are that this individual will not likely stay in this environment very long. Ultimately, he will face two options: leave or change his attitude. In both scenario, you are a winner!

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When I took my MBA I just gave up on those people fast and carried them instead, then avoided them in the future. Sure, you could try to change them but what are the chances that you would be the wind that inspirated them to change? They’ve developed their freeloading nature over a lifetime and you’re just another victim.

In MBA school (mine at least) you’re pretty much stuck with your group be they losers or winners.

So, how did your experience end? Did the guy do a fantastic job or was it a huge effort just to get a piece junk from him or her?

by: The Financial Blogger | June 17th, 2008 (8:07 pm)

We were able to save the paper by putting humongous pressure on him.

Fortunately, we had the right to kick anybody out of our team 😉 So we are starting a new session with another “new guy”. This was the price of kicking somebody out of our team 😉

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