May 28, 2007, 2:25 am

Creating Assets

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Assets and Net Worth
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A single question is always on my mind: How can I make money differently than receiving my regular pay check? Although the answer seems pretty simple, it is not always the case. After reading a few books, they all come to the same thing: create your own asset. Good knows I’d love to do so, but I know nothing about magic!


Fortunately for me, no black magic is required to get rich. Instead of a bloody heart and a snake, all you need is your brain and a passion. Human beings are capable of the greatest when they are driven and passionate about something. Get that special thing that makes you smile and start working on it.


I do have several passions. I love my wife, Josée and my son, William, I do golfing, I love cars as well but I decided to work my passion for personal finance. I think it’s a great thing because it is already about money. I’m already working on the field and trying several side lines on the side. This is how I got into writing about personal finance.


I want to make money by another mean than just working for a company, get a pension plan and retire at the age of 60. I think that we all deserve better than this. The real question is; “Are you willing to pay the price?”. If you are really passionate about something, you’ll make the effort and you’ll find you way through this.


People will tell you that you are stupid. That you are double working for nothing. That you should put more effort on your day job and get a promotion than working on something that is not profitable. Remember, an asset creates wealth and positive cash flow on a long term basis. Maybe I’m an outcast. If it means to make more money, I don’t’ care!


Look at most rich people such as Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki. They all have something in common; they do what they love for a living. Get yourself started on something. Worst comes to worst, you’ll develop a passion and make new friends.

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