December 11, 2007, 7:00 am

Close The Door And Leave Me Alone!

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: MBA
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Man, only 8,640 minutes and I will be done with my 1st MBA session. I had my last group meeting on Saturday where we reviewed our projects and presentation. The party is starting on December 15th with a test and a presentation and end-up the next day with two other exams. Basically, I have four days left to master my presentation and get my stuff ready for the tests.
The good news is that all exams are open book tests. Which means that I can bring my notes, my calculation sheet and my books with me. From my personal experience, open book exams are vicious but not harder. You simply have to avoid the temptation of thinking that you did a great job over the past months and that you know your stuff. You must prepare yourself to go to war. Nothing less.So here I am in my basement while my wife is driving William to the daycare. I am taking a sip of coffee and writing some posts for my blog instead of studying for my MBA. Hum… I remember the good old days of my Bachelor degree. I used to be on my Playstation for most of the day, fighting with my best friend over Age of Empire 2 online and watch movies for most of the day. In the end, a “day of studying” was about 14 hours (3 to 4 hours of studying and 10 hours of fun!). Can I do the same thing for my MBA? Sure. The only thing is that I have to trade my Playstation for my blog and some last minute Christmas shopping.

The fun part about the MBA is that MBA marks are meaningless. Therefore, I learned much more talking with people in my class and doing my projects than I will learn from studying theory and writing my final exam. Unfortunately, they worth about 40% of my session so I have no choice but to perform in order to have decent marks and keep my program going.

I do like this period of the program. A period where I can take time for myself while studying. I will surely have myself a good coffee or two at the Star Bucks!

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