October 20, 2010, 5:00 am

Changing the Direction of The Financial Blogger

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I’ve been thinking about a lot of stuff lately. I’ve been thinking about this blog, about my other sites, about the whole company. The funny part with life is that we always seek for our comfort zone, for our own bubble. But while in our bubble, we can become stuck in our own prison. Since it is a custom made prison, we don’t realize it is one. We like the window curtain and we think it smells good. But the problem is that you don’t get anything done once you are in your bubble… same as when you get stuck in the rat race!

This is how I started my week. I was thinking which kind of direction I want to take for everything. The Financial Blogger is soon turning 4 (it’s birthday is in November) and I was wondering what I wanted for it. TFB has been the center, the inspiration, the pillar of our company since the very beginning. It all started with me, my laptop and the urge to write. After talking with Adam Baker from Man vs Debt last week,  I realized that I have spent 4 years writing whatever I wanted without thinking about a clear direction. It worked pretty well so far, but I think I could do better if I knew what I was going to write about!

This won’t be that different

I’m not planning on redesigning the website or becoming another John Chow and tell you how to make money by selling you products to make money (ironic, I know 😉 ). In fact, TFB will remain the way it is… for most part. I want to keep my personal touch, no taboo subjects and getting straight to the point. I will also keep talking about my personal finances, how I see things and the way I manage my way through working the least possible while keeping a 6 figure income.

So what will be different then?

There are a few things I want to add on TFB. The first thing I want to talk about is giving you more transparency toward my whole company. I want to share my successes and failures, revenues and strategies. My goal is not to transform TFB into a “how to make money blogging” blog, but more to give you more insight on my most important second income project; M-35.

I will also disclose more info about my other sites and how they grow (or don’t ;-)). So far, we have been pretty successful with buying existing blogs and we are working pretty hard on launching on DoNotWait.com. I think knowing about the insights of building a website portfolio could be interesting for you guys.

I will also write more about how I manage my career and how I deal with a full time job and my company. I will try to give you more insight about how to grow within a company and grow with your own company.

Giving each one of my sites a mission

This is probably the hardest part of my introspection; finding a mission for The Financial Blogger and my other sites. So I’ll try to explain it in a few lines:

The Financial Blogger is a blog about how to make more money without having to work harder. Work smarter, this is how it should be. TFB is the place where you will find my story about personal finance, a full time job and my online company. This is the story of a guy who wants to succeed by using the system and mastering its rules.

Well… it’s done now! I just hope I’ll keep it up and deliver what has been promised!

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I can’t wait for the transparency posts! I love reading about how other people “made” it in the online world.

I look forward to reading your posts that are headed in the “new” direction.

I don’t know how you write every day, work a full time job and still come up with ideas. I wonder how the guy behind these letters does not burn out.

I think what keeps me coming back to this blog is the old fashion blog feel, where you express your mind. There are lots of good articles as well.

But none the less, thank you for providing some good material to readers out there.

by: The Financial Blogger | October 21st, 2010 (3:45 am)


thx for your kind word!

My secret is simple; my blog is my passion, so each time I have more than 15 minutes for me, I open my laptop 😉

[…] The Financial Blogger says he’s changing directions with his blog. […]

I’m looking forward to more posts on your career as you continue to progress. This is an area of passion for me too and I hope to post more on building a successful career as well.


[…] The Financial Blogger is changing the direction of his blog. […]

Interesting… Looking forward to all the new changes.

Kind of have my idea on how I could work smarter! 😉 And it will start very soon… Thank’s for your advices.

Sounds cool. looking forward to the new direction.. it will be interesting to see some details of how you are managing all of these blogs..