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September 20, 2019, 6:36 am

Student Budgeting Strategies to Get You Started

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Being a student is hard work. There’s a lot of pressure on you to learn new things, achieve your goals, and even discover what you want to do with your life. At the same time, you’re struggling with the fact that you barely have enough cash in your wallet to make ends meet. It’s no wonder that countless students turn to personal loans on top of their educational loans to help them manage their expenses.

The good news is that being a student doesn’t have to be a nightmare. It can actually be one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences there is. All you need to do is figure out how you’re going to use your money effectively. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1.    Make an Early Start on your Credit

It sounds strange, but during those early years when you’re borrowing for the first time, it’s a good idea to make sure that you’re taking steps to protect your credit rating in the future. Start by setting up a direct debit to ensure that you pay everything on time, and make sure that you’re signed up with any free services that allow you to keep an eye on your credit score.

The faster you start building your credit now, the easier it will be to get support and credit in the future, even with your student debt hanging over you in the years to come.

2.    Know When to Buy in Bulk

When it comes to things like toilet paper, rise and even pasta, it’s always better to buy in bulk. While it might be a bit of a pain to carry 50 rolls of kitchen roll home with you after a long day of studying, the last thing you want to do is pay extra for something that you’re going to be using all of the time anyway. Figure out what you’re going to be buying a lot of and look for ways to get a great deal.

If you’re living in shared accommodation with other people, you might decide to go in together in bigger bulk purchases and split what you buy between you. This can save you a fortune over time.

3.    Shop Later in the Day

Speaking of shopping, when you go to buy food for you and your housemates, consider going later in the day, after some of the crowds have died down. This will be probably a better option for your schedule anyway. What’s more, it will give you a chance to nab some last-minute discount on food that’s still good but might not be suitable to keep on the shelves for much longer.

Just make sure that you cook any of the items that you do buy before their best-before date or put them in the freezer if there’s still time to do so that you can help the food to last for as long as possible. Don’t be afraid to pay less for bruised fruits and veggies too – they can make a mean soup.

4.    Make your Meals in Advance

When you’re cooking, avoid making one meal at a time. Usually, it’s much easier to make a bunch of meals at once and freeze what you don’t need straight away. This will help you to use up ingredients before they use their value, and it also means that you have some quick and easy food to turn to when you’re exhausted after a particularly long day of studying.

Remember, making your meals in advance will also help you to save some cash by ensuring that you’re less likely to order food or eat fast food when you’re tired. You’ll already have the meals ready and waiting for you, after all.

5.    Always Look for a Deal

Finally, there are plenty of great ways for today’s students to save some extra money if they’re willing to look for them. For instance, you can find discount and voucher codes online for almost anything these days, particularly if you’re willing to download browser plugins and applications that automatically check for offers when you’re shopping.

Additionally, there are plenty of survey websites out there that will pay students a bit of extra cash to answer questions about their favorite products and services. You could even make a little extra money by signing up to a cash-back website. You won’t make a fortune from cash-back, but you will save a little bit of money on every purchase.

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August 14, 2019, 8:55 am

More Value for Your Money: Finding Your Ideal Office Space

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To fulfil its maximum potential and the success you’ve no doubt been thinking about for a long time, your business needs the right environment. Just as a tree can’t grow in a plant pot, your enterprise can’t grow without the right office environment.

You may be working from home, leasing a small office which you’ve outgrown or even looking for premises to buy, but your dilemma will be the same. How do you find the ideal office space while still getting value for your money? There are plenty of options out there to choose from, but not all will be suited to your budget and business model.

Co-working Spaces

Co-working spaces offer the most flexible offices for start-ups, small teams and freelancers to work in a more professional environment than their spare room or the local coffee shop. Depending on the co-working space you choose, you may be able to rent a desk in a co-working space on a pay-as-you-go basis (known as ‘hotdesking’) or can pay for a certain number of days per month depending on your budget.

For people who work alone a lot, these spaces can also offer great opportunities for networking and brainstorming with likeminded professionals. From coworking space London, to towns and cities across the UK, you will be able to find a co-working solution to suit you.

Sub-let Office Spaces

For businesses looking for their own separate premises but which aren’t prepared to commit to a lengthy lease, a sub-letting arrangement may appeal. If you can find a business which is already leasing premises but has office space to spare you may be able to take on a lease for a shorter period of up to a year. You need to be sure that the business you’re leasing from has permission from the landlord to do this.

Lease Your Own Office Space

If your business is unlikely to expand in the foreseeable future and you have the financial stability, you could take out a lease on your own premises. This is an important decision, so make sure you’ve considered all the pros and cons of leasing before committing to a long-term lease of 5 years or more.

Make Sure You’re Getting Value for Your Money

Before you commit to an office space, you need to ensure that you’ve asked all the important questions about the facilities and the surrounding area. If you don’t ask now, you could find yourself paying for office space which is incompatible with your operation.

  • Are there any issues such as broken lifts, heating and air conditioning or other problems you should be aware of?
  • Is the location easy to access and are there amenities nearby?
  • Are there parking facilities onsite or nearby for employees and visitors?
  • Does the building give off a professional image from the outside?
  • Will your employees and clients be able to comfortably use the space and does it offer enough recreational space or flexibility?
  • Are there any extra fees or hidden costs you’ll have to pay such as utilities, building maintenance, parking or refuse removal?
  • Will you be happy to go to work there every day, and proud to show the premises to employees, suppliers and clients?

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July 26, 2019, 8:35 am

Benefits of Using Pallet Racking for Businesses?

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Pallet Racking is a collection of racking components placed in a fairly simplistic way. It doesn’t include any complicated storage systems. They are just adjustable racks placed in a specifically customized manner to suit the businesses’ storage requirements. These racks are accessible from either side by a forklift or a pallet stacker. Pallet racking is not new; it’s been around for many years now. Most warehouse storages that still do not use pallet racking store their products horizontally for easy access as a result of this the storage buildings have to be expanded outwards to accommodate more materials, and this sky rockets the costs and accounts for inefficient use of space. This is why most businesses today, big or small irrespective, use pallet racking system for storage of their goods. Many a times, people argue that in case of small businesses is this system really required? The simple answer to that is yes, most definitely. It is much more important in case of a small business as this one aspect that provides a small business the competitive edge that it is looking for to lower its costs and thus price its product more efficiently. Because at the end of the day consumers always go for products that are cheaper in price. You can find pallet racking in Walsall on WSSL site. Some of the advantages of using this system are:

Efficient Use of Space

It goes without saying that by using a pallet racking system your storage space can be fully utilized. By stacking items on racks that reach to the ceiling, you can use your upward space more efficiently.

Fewer Errors in Stock Checking

With this system, performing stock checks becomes easy peasy. Inventories can be done in lesser time and the data you collect is often more accurate as a result of everything placed in a more organized manner the chances of errors are negligible.

Improves Goods-In and Goods-Out Deliveries

With the pallet racking system, jobs get done much quicker. Goods-in and goods-out can be processed and stored in a single operation without the need to unpack everything and repeated to-s and fro-s. This saves time and prevents choking points in your system.

The pallet racks are just a one-time cost that the business has to incur and that too isn’t very high but the benefits of it can be reaped for years to come. Therefore, going for a pallet racking system for the storage of your products is a smart idea and the advantages of it far outweigh the one-time cost.

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June 24, 2019, 7:48 am

Your Guide to Financing Your Business by Yourself

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If you have ever considered setting up your own company, there may have been one element that will have been standing in your way: money. Not only does it cost quite a bit to get your organization off the ground, but it can be difficult to find investors.

Furthermore, many people would prefer not to have other people, especially strangers, involved in their company. After all, the more individuals included in the ownership, the fewer profits that you reap. There is also the fact that you have less control over your own organization.

Well, the good news for you is that there are ways to finance your company yourself. Here are the top options for doing so:

Do an Inventory of Your Assets

The first thing that you should do is to consider all of the things that you own outright. This includes vehicles, real estate, art, jewelry, and more. Remember, a number of your belongings have quite a bit of value. So, should you sell them, you just may end up being able to get the money that you need.

In order to do this, you should divvy up your belongings and assets. Figure out which assets you simply can’t do without. These are the things that are essential to your daily lifestyle. Then, consider the non-essential assets – which ones can you part with. Even if you can’t cover the total cost by selling your belongings, you should be able to make a sizable dent.

Set Aside Funds from Your Earnings

Just because you have a great idea for a company doesn’t mean that you should quit your job just yet. Instead, you may want to hang on for a little longer. Then, it is a matter of putting aside a portion of your earnings each month. If you do this consistently enough, you will be surprised by just how much you can end up saving.

Another reason that you shouldn’t leave your place of employment is the continued option for payday loans. If you are unable to accumulate all of the funds that you need, you can get a payday loan in Canada to cover immediate expenses for your business. You can then settle this amount when you receive your salary again.

Take Out a Loan

All though you may be coming up with the money for your company by yourself doesn’t mean that you can’t take out a loan. However, rather than going to a bank, you should opt for a lender that is more friendly to entrepreneurs. For instance, Lendified is one such operation, with the financiers’ specifically back small businesses.

The process with these lenders is a lot simpler and you don’t have to wait as long for approval either. What’s more, you should be able to find a deal that is perfectly suited to your financial situation and business plan. Now, this option will ensure that you are able to get your money much more quickly, allowing you to start your company up even sooner.

These are the top guidelines about self-financing that you need to learn about. With this advice, you should find your goal a lot easier to reach.

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June 11, 2019, 1:55 pm

Where to Get Freebies for Online Games

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Freebies are the secret to making anything we already enjoy even sweeter and online games are no exception to that rule. Online games are already a huge amount of fun. They let us work together with our friends and other players to solve challenges, we can also make new friends and we get to go on massive, entertaining adventures. Many also feature competitive multiplayer where you can compete to be the best player around.

Many games have exclusive rewards or cosmetic unlocks that you have to pay money for, but if you know what you’re doing, you can get a decent amount of benefits for free. Here are our tips.

Check out new promotions

Before you spend any money on an online game, whether that be at an online casino on your computer or on a console multiplayer game, you’ll want to check out the new promotions. To entice new players, many games offer sign up and welcome bonuses that give you extra money to play with or free spins.

Many of the best online casinos run promotions like these, giving you freebies so that you check out their sites. At Spin Casino, they will double your first deposit up to $400 in a three-part welcome package that’s worth $1,000. Zodiac Casino will give you 60 free spins just for depositing one Canadian dollar and 888 Casino will give you 30 free spins just signing up. While offers vary, you’re bound to find a deal that suits your gaming style if you look around.

Complete challenges and objectives

There is a giant amount of competition in the online gaming space and game developers have had to come up with new ways to keep players around. One of these ways is to offer daily challenges and objectives. These help you to discover new parts of the game, new reasons to love it and new ways to have fun.

Many games, such as Epic Games’ Fortnite, also give you free currency for completing these challenges. Certain Fortnite challenges will cost you V-Bucks to unlock, but if you complete all of the challenges you will get back more V-Bucks than you put in. You can use the difference to buy your next battle pass or to spend on premium cosmetics.

Refer Your Friends

If you’re a popular person with a large friend group then online games are the best way to show it. Online multiplayer games are better enjoyed with your friends and so many developers run friend referral programs to encourage you to get other people to sign up. They get a bigger player base and you have an awesome squad, ready to head out on adventures with you.

Some friend referral programs come with freebies. The World of Warcraft system gives you a free month of game time, bonus XP, a free pet or mount and more. The Destiny 2 friend referral program got players a special ship, Sparrow vehicle, and emblem.

Whether you play freemiums or your online games cost money to play from the start, there are freebies to be had. You can be financially smart when you’re having fun.

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